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AGR Tank by Youde Technology

AGR Tank by Youde Technology Trick

Youde AGR

Build Quality

Summary: A dual-length tank with features that allow it to perform where other tanks fall flat.



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With all the attention focused recently on Genesis-style atomizers at one end of the scale, and a host of new clearomizers at the other, we haven’t seen much said about the AGR, the most recent cartomizer tank from Youde Technology, makers of the wildly popular AGA-T series of rebuildable atomizers. We’ve filled a couple with our favorite juices to take a look.

The AGR can be a bit confusing right out of the box.  Most of it is obvious: The stainless steel bottom and top caps obviously screw onto the polycarbonate tank.  The screw pretty clearly goes into fill hole at the top of the tank.  But… what’s that other piece?

That last piece, the skirt (and, in case you were wondering, the cartomizer screws down onto that skirt and uses it as a base for the tank) is really what makes the AGR stand out. Grooves cut into it where the rest of the tank screws down onto it ensure that the tank will always have airflow, and since the cartomizer is secured to the base, it cannot slip inside the tank, an occurrence which more than once has led to a condition commonly known as “vaper’s lap,” the primary symptom of which is the unsightly stain caused by a tankful of juice having just leaked out all over said vaper.  This base prevents that from happening by not allowing the cartomizer to move at all once the base is screwed on.  The tank simply will not slide up or down.


Youde AGR

A fill hole is provided at the top of the tank for easy filling.  Simply remove the knurled screw, and use a syringe or needle-tipped bottle to inject juice into the tank.  In our opinion, this is a huge improvement over the standard method of filling a carto tank, which normally involves sliding the tank up or down the cartomizer and trying to get juice in around the cartomizer without flooding it. They always make it look easy in the videos, but there are plenty of us who’ve sucked down our fair share of juice from flooded cartos to know it doesn’t always go like it’s supposed to, and the whole carto-sliding process is just asking for vaper’s lap.  With the fill hole, it’s really simple to get juice in without any coming out, or going where it’s not supposed to.

Overall, we’re really impressed with the AGR. There was obviously quite a bit of thought put into the design, and the end product is a very nice-looking tank that’s much easier to use than most others currently on the market.

Build Quality: 4/5

The AGR is a solidly-built tank made from good materials.  Our only gripe would be the use of polycarbonate for the tanks, which could be prone to etching or cracking with some harsh juices.

Looks: 4/5

With its clean, minimalist lines and stainless steel, the AGR is a fine-looking tank.  It may be a bit taller than some would like, due to the length of the skirt.

Flexibility: 4.5/5

The AGR ships with polycarbonate tanks on both standard and XL length, allowing the use of either type of cartomizer, and the fill screw in the top cap makes filling a breeze, even when there’s juice still in the tank (though it may prevent the use of some drip tips, as the screw sits quite close to the hole).

Performance: 4.5/5

Performance will be determined primarily by the cartomizer used in the tank. However, the channels cut into the base ensure that the cartomizer will always have good airflow, a feature that helps the AGR perform where other carto tanks won’t.

Price: 5/5

We’ve found this tank selling for under $15 retail from multiple vendors. We think this price compares extremely favorably to tanks from other vendors, which often cost far more while providing less functionality.  If there’s a better deal out there for cartomizer tanks, we haven’t found it yet.

Overall Score: 4.4

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