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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Trick


Co-Op Update for July 16, 2013

Co-Ops have been more of a moving target than usual lately. Tracking them has been… interesting, with many buys being launched and then retracted, others being open for very short windows. Amid the chaos, though, have been quite a few gems: first-time runs, unique items, and some really great deals.

The Mods

We’re fans of 14500 mods around here. They’re small and compact, and while they have tiny, short-lived batteries, you can carry them anywhere. When we saw a group buy for the new Leo from Spanish outfit Delanie Mods pop up, we jumped on it. It’s available in a rather unique carbon fiber option that looks great in photos — hopefully it holds up in person.


Delanie Mods Leo 14500

Speaking of 14500 mods, Bucky’s also running the Rainbow Heaven Sprite. See next paragraph for why we’re excited about it.

Another mod that’s really got our interest is the Rainbow Heaven Hybrid Elite, and we jumped on Bucky’s group buy as soon as we saw it open up. This looks to be a rather promising piece of hardware. Not only is it one of the first Chinese attempts at a true hybrid mod, but it’s made by Rainbow Heaven, a company that has built up quite a reputation for building quality mods this last few months. At under $40, this one was a no-brainer for us.

A Round 2 buy of the Team Hotwire Eveon mechanical is in progress. We weren’t super-impressed with our Eveon, but others seem to like it quite a bit more than we did.

A group buy for the popular Pipe Bomb and Mortar mods from Edz Mods is running on the Rebuildable E-Cigs Forum, though it doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of traction. It opened up a while back, but the forum thread for the mods has sounded like crickets ever since. The same can be said of the co-op there for the MCV Biomech.

The Atomizers


DBox PuriTank

It’s a good week for atomizers. Not surprisingly, Bucky’s still got a buy going on Boge cartomizers and tanks. More cartos have probably passed through Bucky’s living room than ships through the Panama Canal.  He’s also got a buy going on the DBox PuriTank, an alternative to Kanger’s ProTank, that looks like it might be decent. Then again, we thought Kamry’s X10 looked promising, and turned out to be very wrong about that. Here’s hoping the PuriTank fares better.

Bucky is sort of atomizer central this week, also running a buy on the Rainbow Heaven Ithaka clone — we suspect this one will be closed very soon, and are really looking forward to receiving ours.

Canada’s Whacked Out E-Cigarette Forum has a buy going on The Russian, a Kayfun clone that looks like it could turn out to be a pretty awesome little atomizer.

Meanwhile, over on Reddit, the co-op for SmokTech products like the RSST and mini Vivi Novas is still running.

The Details

For links, pricing, and other details on these co-ops, and anything else that happens to be running at the moment, head on over to the Co-Op Tracker.


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