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Published on July 2nd, 2013 | by Trick


Co-Op Update for July 2, 2013

As our American readers celebrate Independence Day this week, it’s a chance to celebrate our independence from tobacco. And what could be a more American way to celebrate than by buying stuff?

Head on over to the Co-Op Tracker for links, pricing and other details on all of these offerings.


There’s a range of mods available right now to fit just about any budget. Two different versions of Innokin’s compact iTaste VV are available, including the iTaste V3 10s and iTaste V3 16. The small eGo-like PVs are essentially the same device, but the 16 comes with the popular iClear 16 atomizer, and the 10s comes with Innokin’s new iTaste 10s atomizer.


iTaste VV V3

Also at the low end, a Reddit-based co-op which includes the SmokTech E-Pipe is working toward MOQ, while another on Facebook, in Bucky’s group, offers the new SmokTech Magneto, which looks to be a promising alternative to the somewhat disappointing Sigelei #19.

At the higher end, a wide number of Pinoy mods are available, from the Edz Modz Pipe Bomb V3 and Mortar V5.

A Facebook-based buy for the Astro by Kato Mods is also running, though the list for that one is temporarily closed. It is expected that a few slots will open up soon when payment collection starts, so it may be worth keeping an eye on if you’re interested in this popular, but expensive, mod.

The group buy for the Assets hybrid that’s been included in our updates for quite some time seems to be in a holding pattern. A lack of information from the modder seems to be causing a lot of confusion over what’s actually being sold there, and at this point it’s hard to say whether it’ll ever actually happen.


There are a lot of atomizers out there this week. Co-ops for Boge cartomizers and tanks,  Innokin iClears (in the 10s, 16, and 30 varieties), and Kanger ProTanks are all open right now, so it’s a good time to stock up on your low-end devices of choice.

On the dripper front, the 22mm dual-coil VapeHead Helios just went up last night, and this atomizer from the makers of the Titan mod looks like a potential winner to us.

If you’d like something with a bit more juice capacity, the Reddit co-op for RSST Genesis atomizers is still open, and the Terminator-C makes a rare group buy appearance. Other recent buys for the Terminator have not turned out well, but this one’s being run by Bucky, who’s got a very good track record. If anyone can pull off a buy for this hard-to-obtain silica-based atomizer, it’s probably him.


Rounding out the offerings this week is a buy that includes the new version of the Innokin U-Can. We’ve got one of the original version here, and love it when it’s not leaking all over the place.  Hopefully this new version addresses that issue.


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