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Published on June 4th, 2013 | by Trick


Co-Op Update for June 4, 2013

It’s that time again: here’s our weekly run-down on what’s out there in co-ops and group buys this week. As always, links and further details on these buys are available at the Co-Op Tracker.

The Mod Squad

On the mod front, there are some pretty impressive mods out there, some of them carrying over from last week. The Facebook group buy for the somewhat unusual-looking (and admittedly expensive) Malaysian Assets mod is still open, as is one for the American-made GMS stealth mod by Ghost Modder.


SmokTech E-Pipe

Representing the Philippines this week is a group buy for the El Kapitan by Wu Tang (maker of the Bagga, which we rated very highly here), which has a few units available before orders go in. A group buy for the new Private II from Grand Vapor has also been on the edge of launching at Legit Group Buys on Facebook for a few days, and it may possibly have started by the time we get this posted. We’ll add a link as soon as we’ve got one.

There’s also an array of mods from China, including the new SmokTech E-Pipe and Natural. There’s also a co-op on Facebook for very well-made MKB-TS, still pushing toward MOQ. Frankly, we have a hard time understanding why MKB-TS co-ops seem slow to fill, and have to assume that it’s because not enough people know about the mod yet — it’s a really nice piece of work.

An Array of Atomizers

It’s definitely a good week for picking up stuff to put on top of your mods. If you’re into Vivi Novas, they’re all over the place this week: in the standard, mini, and a new, colored bottom-coil edition from Ecigator are available from various co-ops. Other available clearos include Innokin iClears, and Kanger ProTanks (including a new colored-glass version over at the Rebuildable E-Cigs Forum).


Youde IGO-F

If you’re more into the rebuildables, you’re covered there, too. Bucky’s group buy of the popular Youde line of atomizers, including the AGA-T2, IGO-L, and AGI, has had a few new items included since last week. His offer now includes the brand-new IGO-W dual-coil dripper, and the IGO-F, which looks to be sort of a dripper/tank hybrid. We’ll be picking up some of those last two ourselves, so if you’re not into buying stuff before you see a review, we’re sure to have them here shortly after Bucky ships.

The extremely popular SmokTech RSST Genesis atomizer’s available from a Reddit group buy, where you can also find a co-op for the new “Phoenix” V6, which may just be a reworking of the really awful V5 to make it vapable, but we’re curious about it.

On the higher end, if you’re into Pinoy drippers, it’s a good time to pick some up. Strangely, a group buy for the Jeyps Vaper/St. Quii Vaper Nimbus hasn’t filled yet, and there’s a Facebook-based buy for the Vicious Ant Cyclone that’s sure to hit its quota soon.


QZI Megatron Genesis

We’re also pretty excited about a new model of the QZI Megatron Genesis being offered, with a 510 connector instead of the previous proprietary QZI hybrid base. We’ve made no secret about how much we love our Hungarian-made QZI gear, and the Megatron Genesis we use on our QZI mods is quite possibly our favorite Genesis atomizer right now. We jumped on that group buy the minute we saw it listed, and just might have squealed a little. Just a little.

The Other Stuff

Rounding things out this week are a few accessories and supplies, like 1.5 ohm ready wire for silica-based atomizers like the Odysseus and Terminator, and a few new Youde drip tips.  Last week’s group buy for Vape Bags may or may not still be active — after a flap about shipping prices, it’s gone a bit silent.

A Canadian group buy for Provari/ZMax rings to accommodate 22mm atomizers has also apparently risen from the dead and is seeing some action after literally months of inactivity.

Lost and Found

We’re also very happy to report that the shipment of Artisan Vaping Crowns for a UK-based buy have finally made it home after quite a long time in limbo. We don’t know all the details, but we’re happy to report that the members of that group buy will finally get the stuff they have waited for extremely patiently while it was lost out in the world. I’ve got to hand it to the folks from All About E-Cigarettes — the whole time their goods were missing, there was not a single complaint, and nothing but support for their co-op manager.  They’re a good group of people.

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