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Published on September 8th, 2013 | by Trick


Coming Soon: The VapeSmith Castle

One of the things we love about vaping is watching how technologies, trends and designs change. Vaping is a relatively new and quickly evolving thing… not long ago, cartomizers were the big thing. Then the Genesis atomizer appeared on the scene, and it seemed everyone was building coils. Then things changed again with the rise in popularity of mechanical mods, and low-ohm vaping became the thing to do. In recent months, there has been a trend back toward dripping atomizers, and multi-coil drippers in particular.

We talked with Eric Benito recently about his upcoming atomizer, the Castle RDA. Eric is the head of hardware design and manufacturing company VapeSmith in the Philippines, where he has been preparing the Castle for a September 18 release.

VapeSmith Castle parts lined up for assembly

VapeSmith Castle parts lined up for assembly

The Castle is a three-post dripping atomizer, built to easily accommodate two coils by providing a shared positive post, and two negative posts. It’s a design made popular by atomizers like the Nimbus by Jeyps Vaper and Saint Quii Vaper, but there are several fundamental differences that set VapeSmith’s Castle RDA apart from atomizers like the Nimbus.

For starters, the Castle is quite large compared to the Nimbus: at 22mm in diameter, it is designed to look good on most flat-top mods. With many drippers being smaller, typically 19mm or smaller, the larger size of the Castle will provide a cleaner look, without sacrificing performance. It also allows a generous 2mm juice well for more vaping with less dripping. Eric says the Castle will hold up to 20 drops from a typical juice bottle.

The Castle is built from Grade 304 stainless steel, a grade commonly used for food-safe applications, with a copper connecting pin to provide good conductivity.

Another stand-out feature of the Castle is its unique adjustable airflow control. Three settings are available: dual 1.5mm air holes, dual 2.0mm holes, or dual 2.5mm holes, allowing as much or as little air as desired. The atomizer is designed with ease-of-use features like a slot in the atomizer’s base that serves as a guide for setting the hole position, and the Castle will lock into the position you choose to eliminate slippage and guesswork. This high degree of configurability allows easy, unprecedented control over the atomizer’s throat hit and draw.

Eric told us of another unique aspect of the Castle: it has a built-in cooling system which will keep the Castle from getting too hot during use.

Other features of the Castle include dual sleeves and a high-temperature insulator surrounding the positive post, with the parts being machined on a CNC to provide consistency and tight tolerances.

In the U.S., the Castle will be available from Marc Aquino of Olio Vapes for the northern U.S., and Patrick Posadas of MasterVAPERS for the southern part of the country. Information on distributors in other parts of the world can be found at VapeSmith’s Facebook page.

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