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Published on September 13th, 2013 | by Trick


Doctor Sees History Repeating with E-Cigs

In an opinion piece in the Sacramento Bee published Thursday, Dr. Michael Wilkes of the University of California, Davis accuses e-cigarette manufacturers of “using the playbook previously used to sell traditional cigarettes” to hook kids on nicotine.

“Currently the products are not regulated and there is no tobacco penalty tax — a tool that has proved extremely effective at driving up the cost of traditional cigarettes to help keep them out of the hands of young people. Yes, we need more research on the safety of these products, on addiction to them and on whether e-cigarettes are a gateway product to more dangerous tobacco products.”

There are a number of maddening inaccuracies to the article, such as claims that electronic cigarettes are primarily sold by tobacco companies, assertions that “we don’t really know” what’s inside an e-cigarette.

Wilkes’ solution to the perceived problem? Strict FDA oversight, of course. Wilkes thinks electronic cigarettes should be regulated as drug delivery devices.

In Wilkes’ defense, he does show some degree of crtitical thinking in admiting that more study is needed before coming to the conclusion that electronic cigarettes act as a gateway to tobacco use, and further acknowledges that the intent of electronic cigarettes is “not to create an entirely new generation of teens addicted to nicotine,” despite the wild claims of a great many anti-vaping activists.

Inside Medicine: E-cigarette a new product with same old strategy | The Sacramento Bee

Photo of Dr. Wilkes credit: Sacramento Bee / Scott Lorenzo

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About the Author

Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

  • https://www.facebook.com/trillian.dent Trillian Kugelblitz Gently

    no, see, history repeating itself is that we’re watching reefer madness happen all over again. i see people talk about ‘woot, i quit smoking using ecigs’ and it is very rare that someone does NOT post ‘oh, those are just as bad,’ in the comments. your everyday average joe. who votes. and will moral the use of nicotine into a crime.

  • Scott J. Smith

    I just have to jump in the shark tank and stand up for the God given gift that e-cigarettes really are! For awhile now I have been reading these articles and saying nothing, lumping these so called experts into the same category as the usual nay-sayers and doom criers that crawl out of the woodwork whenever anythin’ comes along that they have no direct “majority” control over.
    But lately, whenever I read one of these “expert without facts, just opinions” articles, I feel the hairs starting to stand up on my neck…most of these control freaks are doctors…doctors! And while I feel that these newspapers, or whatever medium that publishes these opinions, should have their fact checkers make the writer responsible for at least having some facts before they publish them…I am acutely aware that there’s a percentage of the population, and therefore a percentage of the lawmakers, who will believe EVERYTHING they read. Especially if the author has “Dr.” before there name.
    I see the worry whether young folks use them or not is something that should be adjudicated from within the family unit. And while I support keeping them from use by children, I can see where many parents would rather their kids use e-cigs rather than cigarettes. And, as a die hard smoker of 35 years, that quit smoking after 3 weeks of using ecigs, I don’t see them as a gateway to tobacco. And let’s look at say a situation where the parents want to keep their kids away from them…first line of defense is that you have to be 18 to purchase them. OK, you say that a certain percentage gets ’em anyway, well opponents should be aware that there is a certain amount of paraphernalia, if you will, that comes from using e-cigs and such, which if parents are doing their job, shouldn’t be too hard to find. Then there is cost, e-cigs, and as you get more involved, juice, cartomizers, atomizers, mods, and so on and on…are way more expensive than tobacco. If ya’ll negative folk who are hell-bound, and don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want my kids doing it either. But if you are determined to not let it happen, then you need to be paying attention to what your child is buying, and how much they’ re spending. I have to buy most of what I use thru the mail, if your kid is doing that then it shouldn’t be too hard to find out. They’re your kids, if you can’t control them, don’t go trying to take the one thing that has worked for me, and countless others, to lead a tobacco free life!
    Or is there more to all this, and let me play the conspiracy theorist for a moment, cause I do have a few ideas runnin’ around in my head about this. Do ya’ll Doctors worry about losing alot of money, cause you’re not gonna have so many I’ll patients with smoking related illnesses? Are ya’ll, and the politicos that are constantly downing ecigs, and screaming regulation! Taxes! Sin taxes!, do ya’ll maybe work for the tobacco companies? Getting paid in some dank alley for your “opinions”? And why would it be a sin for me to want to save my life anyhow?!
    And last, but not least…is it maybe just that age-old maxim of the majority wanting to lord over the minority? Does it tear ya’ll up to find out we’re in possession of an instrument that poses no second hand dangers, and is safe to imbibe indoors? Gone forever could be that feeling of being” superior” when you watch a pitiful group of smokers shivering their 50 yards away from anybody “approved” smoking spot in the rain and winter. I’d love to be able to positively say, “hands off my e-cig, vaping is here to stay!”, but I feel I have to worry some, keep my eye on the oppositional majority, and say my prayers at night…asking that maybe, just maybe…that the majority of people will pay attention to the facts, and not the self promoting “experts”.

    • http://www.vapesquad.com/ Trick

      I definitely get your frustration. There’s a little part of me that gets pretty angry every time I see one of these. I really don’t get it. Sure, kids are trying e-cigarettes… and it’s a tiny fraction of the ones trying cigarettes. A very tiny fraction. And less than the ones who drink, or do drugs, or any number of things which actually harm people.

      I will never understand the panic that sets in whenever people see teens trying new things they shouldn’t be trying. It all seems to come down to two things: it’s either an overwhelming need to control how other people live their lives, or there’s money changing hands. There just are no other rational explanations.

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