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Published on March 5th, 2013 | by Trick


Dream BT804 Atomizer by Beautiful

Dream BT804 Atomizer by Beautiful Trick

Dream BT804

Build Quality

Summary: The good performance doesn't make up for low capacity and constant leaking.



User Rating: 3.2 (3 votes)

Often referred to as a “Kayfun Clone,” the Dream 804 atomizer comes with the tank/atomizer, a plastic drip tip, and five replacement coils of approximately 2.3 to 2.6 ohms.  We found replacing the coil to be quite simple; easier than most rebuildable atomizers, making the BT804 a good choice for people new to rebuilding.

While it bears quite a bit of physical resemblance to the SvoeMesto Kayfun atomizer, this is not a true clone in the sense that, for example, the Terminator atomizer is a direct clone of the Odysseus. For example, the BT804 fills from the top, not the bottom like the Kayfun. It also has a much airier draw due to a much wider hole in the drip tip.  However, the tank and coil arrangements are otherwise quite similar.

We found the vape of the BT804 to be very impressive. Even on our lowest-grade mechanical mods, the atomizer gave off copious plumes of vapor, with very good flavor.  Judged on vape alone, the BT804 is a very impressive atomizer.

However, the atomizer does have a few major drawbacks. The first of these is the juice capacity.  For its size, it holds surprisingly little juice, not much over 1ml, due to the amount of room the metal cone takes up inside the tank. If you use one of these, be prepared to refill often.

The second, and more serious, of the BT804’s drawbacks is that ours leaked, often and in large amounts.  It actually isn’t so much of a leak, but the juice seems to constantly “sweat” from and around the air hole near the bottom of the unit. In addition to constantly having to wipe the atomizer down, this leaking also results in gurgling when the atomizer is used, and, somewhat amusingly, also often causes it to whistle when we draw from it.

The quick summary:

Build Quality: 2

The BT804 is a good-performing atomizer, but there are several flaws in the build that make it difficult to deal with. Constant leaking was a major problem with the two units we tested.

Looks: 4

This is, without question, a nice-looking atomizer.  The transparent tank sandwiched between chromed top and bottom sections give it a stylish, streamlined look.  With a 19-20mm diameter, it looks best on mods with slanted tops.

Flexibility: 3

The BT804 comes with a built-in coil of approximately 2.5 ohms, and five similar replacements.  However, it is a simple matter to create custom wick and coil combinations for higher or lower resistance.

Performance: 3.5

Vapor production and flavor of the BT804 were excellent, going far beyond what we expected from it. Even at resistances which we would normally consider too high on other atomizers, the BT804 performed admirably well. However, juice capacity of the tank is very low.

Price: 2

The BT804’s retail price seems to hover around $25.  While it has been found at other vendors for less, there are indications that the manufacturer is cracking down on retailers who sell it too cheaply, and mandating these prices.  Setting aside the fact that $25 is a somewhat high, but not completely unreasonable price, we’ve scored this lower as a result of the manufacturer’s apparent manipulation of market prices.

Overall Score: 2.9

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