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Published on April 28th, 2013 | by Trick


Genny Joose from Bucky’s Bargain Vaping

Followers of our Co-Op Tracker are probably already familiar with Keith Gossett, aka Bucky. A respected manager of several co-ops on ECF, Bucky has recently started his own co-op group on Facebook, Vaping Group Buys from Bucky, and has aspirations of eventually opening his own store.

In a recent detour from offering things like cartos and clearomizers, Bucky began offering a new juice he’d created in the Facebook group, named Genny Joose. Genny Joose is billed as a juice intended for use in Genesis atomizers, but Bucky has offered very little in the way of description otherwise, other than that there are nine ingredients. We decided to take a chance and give his new juice a shot.

The juice was shipped relatively quickly, and we received it within a few days of ordering. It arrived very well bubble-wrapped in amber 30ml glass bottles, with a “Bucky’s Bargain Vaping” label (perhaps the name of Bucky’s upcoming retail venture? Remember you heard it here first).

The aroma of the juice is strong, but not easily identifiable.  It is sweet, and somewhat reminiscent of peaches and vanilla, though we wouldn’t swear to either of those being in the ingredient list.  It is also a thick juice, no doubt due to heavy use of VG in the mix.  We’d estimate it is at least 75% VG if not more, judging from Genny Joose’s viscosity, and the high VG content certainly contributes to impressive vapor production when Genny Joose is vaped.

The flavor of the vape is very complex and layered.  Several of the flavors included in the juice seem to stand out on their own, like the distinctive tongue bite of cinnamon on the inhale and a menthol-like coolness on the exhale. Other components of the juice, however, are not quite so identifiable. There’s a noticeable coconut note that reminds us a bit of the flavor of Alice in Vapeland’s White Rabbit, and a bit of fruity sweetness that we just can’t pin down. Sometimes it seems like the peach we thought we may have smelled when opening the bottle, and then we try it again and the identity of that flavor is back out of reach.

The flavor of this juice as one that adapts differently to various delivery devices.  While we’ve tried it in low and high-resistance Genesis atomizers, we’ve also run it through a Bauway CE8 clearo and a Nimbus dripper, and it’s tasted different in each one. Depending on the power level it’s vaped at, different components come through stronger or weaker.  In the CE8, for example, the cinnamon and coconut are quite prevalent, but in our Cobra there’s a bit more of the coolness and fruitiness, and the overall flavor seems more blended.

So, in the end, after vaping quite a bit of Genny Joose, we can’t really say what it is, other than a complex, flavorful, moderately sweet vape. We can say, however, that whatever flavors are in there, they work together very well on a lot more than just the Genesis atomizers the juice has been named for. Whatever we put it in, Genny Joose was flavorful without being overpowering, and sweet without being candy-like. It’s distinctive and won’t stomp on your taste buds to the point that you’ll need to put it down after vaping it a while — the type of juice that really lends itself to being an all-day vape. We suspect it will become one for many of those who order it.

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About the Author

Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

  • Dennis

    I had the opportunity to sample this new juice. It is a fantastic vape. I am currently using it in a carto tank and a ZAP. Flavors are good. I get a Cinn Danish, cake, ice, coconut, vanila flavor. Neither is overpowering but blend well to create a balanced flavor. It is not a sweet juice and I like that as too much sweet gets old fast. I like the comparison to AIV White rabbit without the caramel sweetness.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Fezzik1977 Christopher Graham

    See I have been spending money on EGO tanks. A friend let me try a clearomizer and now I wish there was some kind of trade in program.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Fezzik1977 Christopher Graham

    See I have been spending money on EGO tanks. A friend let me try a clearomizer and now I wish there was some kind of trade in program.

  • sgenn99

    i got some of this from bucky, and i am vaping it in a carto tank-i can't wrap coils for doo-doo yet, so i'm sticking with the cartos while i go through the trial and error process (mind you, it's mostly error at this point). it's a really nice vape! although it smells strong and complex, it goes down smooth. it's a bit fruity, a bit clove-ish, and a little bubble gummy. there's also a hint of menthol in it… just a "whisper". lol. trying to describe it is like trying to describe a whisky or wine in a way. although taste is subjective, i think there's something about this joose that everybody will find enjoyable. it may not be an all day vape for some, but definitely enjoyable after a hard day's work, for sure!

  • Keith Gosett

    I cant thank you all enough for the wonderful reviews. I tried hard to find a blend that would please the most people without being an overly sweet vape. I think from the reviews of most folks that have tried it, I may have done just that…THANK YOU ALL for trying my Genny Joose…:)


  • http://www.vapesquad.com vapesquad

    You're very welcome, Bucky. It's definitely become one of my favorites already, and if I didn't love it, I'd tell you. :D

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