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Published on March 10th, 2013 | by Trick


Heather’s Heavenly Vapes: Shadow

I’ve been spending the morning — oh, wait, it’s afternoon now.  Damn that daylight saving time. Anyway, as I’ve been plugging away on the Co-Op Tracker I’ve been enjoying a tankful of HHV’s Shadow that’s been sitting on the steep shelf since January. It’s actually labeled “Shadowfax,” since that’s what it was named when I ordered it, before the flap with Warner Brothers that forced the name change. It’s a 50% PG/50% PG mix with 12mg/ml of nicotine.

It’s the weekend, I don’t have anywhere I need to go, and I’m pretty happy with how the Tracker is being received, so I’m vaping my well-steeped Shadow(fax) on one of my favorite at-home setups: my two-toned GGTS with an iAtty on top.

But enough about my gear; this is about the juice. Here’s a quick description:

Shadow is an extracted tobacco that is light weight and creamy with a nice tobacco undertone. It’s not an RY4 or variant, but blazes a whole new path for lighter weight, slightly sweet tobacco vapes. – HHV

A Horse with No Name

A Horse with No Name

Shadow, while a somewhat simple blend as far as flavorings go, being a naturally extracted tobacco with all of the flavor coming from the initial tobacco,  is still  somewhat complex.  Most of it hits you right up front: there’s the clean, mild tobacco flavor, and the signature creaminess, right from the inhale.  The tobacco flavor isn’t at all like a cigarette. It’s a pipe tobacco, but not of the kind many people think of when pipe tobaccos are mentioned. It’s not the fragrant, aromatic type, but a mellow, light flavor with just a touch of woodiness to it.

Many have said they taste vanilla, or even chocolate, in Shadow.  While I wouldn’t call it vanilla, there is something about the creaminess of it that brings to mind a Bavarian cream. Again, though, it is light, only very slightly sweet, and unobtrusive, like the tobacco flavor. Neither the cream-like flavor or the tobacco flavor outdoes each other. There’s a very impressive balance between them that holds up very well, even after extended vaping.

I make no secret of the fact the I really enjoy HHV’s juices, and Shadow is undoubtedly one of my favorites. While I’m not the kind to have an all-day vape, if I was, Shadow could easily be it. I often recommend it even to friends with no interest in tobacco flavors.  It is, simply, a well-balanced, unique blend of flavors that’s a delight to spend a Sunday morning with.  Even if it happens to be a Sunday afternoon.

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