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Published on March 11th, 2013 | by Trick


Hoosier Vapes: Blueberry Brandy

It only seemed fitting, as we were testing out the Oakley X Cube earlier this evening, to do so with some of the juice it was shipped with: Blueberry Brandy from Hoosier Vapes.  The bottle included in our shipment contains 18mg/ml of nicotine, and we have reason to believe, but can’t quite confirm, that it is an 80% PG/20% VG mix. We probably should have steeped it for at least a couple days, but we didn’t.

Like This, but Boozier.

Like This, but Boozier.

We’ll admit we had our reservations about the juice. While the blue glass bottle was pretty enough, we knew Hooiser Vapes for hardware (particularly, we’d had an eye on the Kamry KTS they were carrying before practically anyone, at a decent price).  In our experience, if a vendor has caught our interest for their hardware, buying juice from them isn’t always a good idea.  Very few vendors seem to get both right, and we have a crate full of mediocre juice to back up that assertion.

So, not brave enough to actually just vape the stuff, we smelled it first.  Not surprisingly, it smelled quite a bit like brandy with blueberries in it.  We took that as a good sign, as we’ve found that even a lot of really good juices tend to smell like hell, but the ones that smell good usually have a decent chance of being vapable.

In this case, we were very pleasantly surprised.  While there’s a very slight perfuminess when vaped, we suspect that’s because we were vaping it literally within minutes of it arriving on the doorstep.  In fact, we’re finding that even now as we go back to it, it seems to be less pronounced, and we suspect it’ll be completely gone after it sits a bit longer.

The primary flavor of this blend is the blueberry.  Having had quite a few bad berry vapes, we want to stress that the blueberry flavor of this juice is very good.  It’s sweet and very juicy, and tastes like someone mashed a bunch of ripe blueberries into the bottle and added just a touch of sugar to bring out the flavor.  The brandy flavor is a very mild undercurrent to the juice, and it lets the blueberry take center stage while it, much as brandy will tend to do, gives the juice a nice smoothness with just a bit of a bite at the end.

We weren’t able to vape a lot of it — not because of the flavor, but we here tend to be 6 and 12mg vapers, and the 18mg in the juice sample we were sent had our hearts racing after a few minutes like 12-year-old girls at a Justin Bieber concert.  You probably can’t tell from where you’re sitting, but this is easily the fastest one of these reviews I’ve typed yet, and after it’s posted we’re considering repainting the office, or maybe going jogging.

Berry flavors can be tricky, and Hoosier Vapes did a great job with this one. This may just get us to change our minds about our no-juice-from-hardware-vendors policy.  Right after we finish cleaning this place.


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