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Published on May 2nd, 2013 | by Trick


Innokin iClear 30

Innokin iClear 30 Trick

iClear 30

Build Quality

Summary: A high-capacity clearo with good performance, but leaking dampens our enthusiasm for the iClear 30.



User Rating: 2.7 (7 votes)

Clearomizers have a lot going for them. As a general rule they’re easy to fill and use, performance is fairly predictable, and you can stick one in your pocket without worrying about embarrassing wet spots.

Not that clearomizers don’t have their drawbacks. Other than the fact that they tend to mute flavor a bit, one of the big ones is capacity.  A lot of clearos are small, and if you’re a heavy vaper you may find them going dry before the end of the day. One solution to that particular problem is the obvious one: a bigger clearo, like the Innokin iClear 30.

The iClear 30 is a large, dual-coil clearomizer for larger PVs with a 510 connector.  Its signature feature is the built-in swiveling mouth piece. Built into a large ball joint, the iClear 30’s mouthpiece can be angled at up to about 30 degrees in any direction you prefer. While it’s an interesting feature, in practice we’re not sure it really adds much to the vaping experience, as we’ve found a mouthpiece bent at 30 degrees really isn’t much more comfortable use than one that’s straight. Thankfully, although the extra joint seems like it could increase the chance for leaks, we haven’t had a problem with it.  Not through the mouthpiece, anyway.

Pushing the Limits of the iClear 30

Pushing the Limits of the iClear 30

Where we have had leaking issues is through the bottom of the iClear 30. For reasons we really haven’t been able to pinpoint, we’re had frequent issues with juice draining from the iClear 30 through the connector down into the 510 connection. It’ll work just fine for extended periods, and then the gurgling starts.  When that happens, we’ve had to disconnect the iClear 30 and get out the paper towels to clean the juice of the bottom of the clearo, and inside the mod’s connector. If it had only happened once or twice we’d probably overlook it, but it’s happened several times, with multiple iClear 30’s.

Other than the leaks, the iClear 30’s been a good atomizer. Vapor production has been very good (when it’s not flooded), and flavor has also been quite good. It’s also one of the easiest clearos to fill that we’ve used: you just unscrew the top cap and pour juice in. A drip spout isn’t really necessary on the juice bottle, and the whole process is hassle and mess-free.

While the iClear 30 isn’t a particularly attractive clearo, it compensates quite handily by being pretty darned big. The polycarbonate tank has a 3.0ml capacity (or more, if you push it — which we thought was the reason for the leaks, until it continued to do it long after we’d vaped past the “MAX” line), making it great for carrying around your all-day vape. The iClear 30’s eight wicks do a respectable job of keeping the coils wet until the last of the juice is drained from the tank.

The iClear 30 retails for around $15 at most retailers, with replacement coils running about $3 each.

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About the Author

Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

  • Karmick

    I dont kno what it is with you guys.This is prolly the finest cxlearo on the market, 2nd being the evod bcc. Its only draw back is its lsighly steampunky look, unless of course you love that look, which many do…

    The flavor is the best in a clearo I’ve had. Next best is RBA’s. The wicking is outstanding. ANd I have had NO, I repeat NO leaking issues whatsoever. WHat, did they ship wildly divergetnt quality level batches to diff’t parts of the world? I’m in Toronto, Canada & here the iCLear 30’s ROCK!!!

    • vapesquad

      I’d agree about the EVOD… love those. Wish they held more juice, but I’ve been very happy with them. The iClear 30? Maybe it’s the juices I’m using in them, but they’ve been battery-soaking flood machines for me. Gurgly little cans of leak.

      And I love the steampunk look… but the iClear 30 doesn’t say “steampunk” to me at all. It sort of says “we took some random parts and stuck them together,” which is close, but not quite the same thing.

      And yes, I know some people love the iClear 30. I have no idea why, but apparently they work a lot better for many people than they do for me.

      • Lewis

        It’s probably not the juice you are using. I’ve tried different juices(all 60/40 blends). I’ve checked several vaping forums looking for an easy fix. Found that it’s about 10 complaints to every 1 positive post on the iClear 30(all complaints on flooding). Seems the flooding problem is a very common issue(more likely to happen than not). Seems it doesn’t matter what juice blend you use(70/30, 60/40, 50/50, basically all the common blends).

        I’ve tried tearing down and cleaning/flushing the damn thing with warm water, made sure the head is tight, so on. My iClear 30 worked great for 2 days, then about every 3 to 5 hits, it gurgles once and floods like so bad I get good dose of juice in my mouth and my battery contact is soaked. I clean it up as best I can(even twist up a tissue and run it up through the bottom to soak up any excess juice in the air tube. Then again, 3 to 5 hits, gurggle, flood, and repeat.

        I’ll never buy another Innokin product. Just a plain waste of money imo.

        • Amanda

          see my comment above… they’ve somehow improved them now :) Happy vaping!

      • Amanda

        I had gotten a couple right around VapeBash, in April when they 1st came out & would have to agree.. leaking, gurgling, ‘meh (more like “mess”. lol) Anyway, got one at the beginning of Aug. with an MVP.. & they are somehow updated (now stamped VV/VW) & MUCH better- no leaking OR gurgling to speak of. I actually prefer the Iclear16 tho… wish it held more, BUT I can use my own drip tip w/ an adaptor AND there IS actually something to be said for the size of these clearos.. vs the proper pressure needed for good feeding/wicking. If ya think about it, (prob tried just about every one out there) iClear16 “performs” better than 30 does.. Mini VapeOnlyBCC.. better than Mega. Protank minis, outperform any Protank.. same with Anyvape Davide & even Vivi Nova’s. I got 5 of the somehow updated 16’s (also now stamped VV/VW) with my iTasteVV-V3.0 & lemme tell ya, I unravel/fluff one of the wicks about 1/3 way up (was worried about dry hits using higher voltage, tho I’ve forgotten at times & it’s still darn good) for faster feeding… & Using 50/50 juices mostly, between 12-15 watts.. Holy awesome vape, Batman! =) Just by keeping topped off with same juice (no joke) I used that 1st one, on it’s original coil (was keylime juice too!) for nearly TWO months! Yep, with no decrease in performance until then, either. (I know- unheard of, right?) So, (for now anyway) I’d def. say iClear16 is the best clearo on the market. iClear30 “s” is very close.. but I’ve gotten some gurgliness here & there with those. Not much.. & it goes away, but it’s there. ~Now, if only they’d make the IC-16 pyrex, if I didn’t need an adaptor for my own drip tips, & if Innokin could figure some way for it to hold more.. without sacrificing pressure/wicking or performance.. Pffft, can honestly say I’d never need another clearo! (as fellow vapers… ya know that says a LOT) Anyway.. just wanted to mention the update thing… didn’t want you guys to miss out on such a great vape experience. Because of how they “were”, I can totally understand; had I not gotten them with those devices, I would’ve written them off as well. I’d definitely give the 16 or 30s another shot tho.. you won’t be disappointed. HAPPY VAPING! =)

  • matt

    No i have to agree with these guys.i can not get mine to hold fluid. Doesnt matter what tinkering i do with it. Or how lightly or tightly i tighten the head or how i position the cozy head on its seal on the head. I’m going to try a larger oring on the head. Till then ill stick with my vapeonly bcc. And im in america so id assume china send us and canada the same stuff

  • Daniel

    Mine just pops and spits juice. biggest waste shouldve bought another vivi nova.

  • GuantanamoRay

    When you overfilled it you caused it to leak, once you started the bubbling you were sucking juice from the tank like a straw. Try using it up to it’s fill line. I’ve been using this iCelar30 for a while now and have had only one or two times that i’ve had it gurgle. Great tank.

  • John

    I have been using the iclear30 for about two weeks now and have noticed a couple of things re flooding. This thing will flood if you roll the juice above and below the fill line, not just a quarter or eighth circle from tilting but invert the unit or put a half circle or more of juice above the fill line, of course if you over fill you are putting a full circle of juice above the fill line. Other than that my units so far have not flooded. I have noticed another issue: the replacements vary in charateristics, and I dont just mean if you buy different ohm loads. One replacment carto will be a bit different from another. Happy Vaping

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  • Melissa

    My iclear30 was great until I changed my wick. Now it will not stop bubbling. I took it apart, and cleaned it. It is still bubbling. What is going on?

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