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Published on August 18th, 2013 | by Trick


New York Post Joins Voices Against Bloomberg

A criticism of New York Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to restrict electronic cigarette sales in the New York Post is the latest in a wave of voices speaking out against the measure.

“What it seems to come down to is that the mayor simply doesn’t like the way e-cigs look.”

Bloomberg’s bill claims that restricting access to electronic cigarettes will protect youth, and that “electronic cigarette marketing is often designed to deter smokers from quitting.” The Post, however, concludes the opposite: that “there’s little scientific research to support the notion that e-cigs lead to traditional cigarettes. If anything, much has been made of the converse.”

According to the Post, the bill amounts to little more than an “urge to boss everyone else around.”

Bloomberg Is Going After Your E-Cigs | New York Post

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