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Published on December 11th, 2013 | by Trick


Review: Energy Shisha

While many people turn to electronic cigarettes for a smoke-free nicotine fix, some companies are taking the products in other directions. Energy Shisha, for example, bills itself as “the world’s first caffeine infused electronic shisha.” We were given a sample of Energy Shisha from the manufacturer for the purposes of this review.

eshishaThere’s no nicotine in Energy Shisha. Instead, the device acts as a compact, easy-to-use delivery device for the ingredients commonly found in popular energy drinks, namely caffeine and taurine. While the ingredients are similar to energy drinks, what the Energy Shisha doesn’t have is calories, or a lot of carbonated water, so using it won’t fill you up like conventional energy drinks can.

The Energy Shisha comes in a form factor similar to other disposable electronic cigarettes, and the manufacturer says it will last up to 300 puffs, or the equivalent of 15 standard cans of energy drink, based on a calculation that makes 20 puffs equivalent to one can. While these numbers, and our review, are based on the disposable Energy Shisha, it is also available in a smaller format called Energy Shisha Micro, an eGo and clearomizer-based kit, and the Energy Shisha e-liquid can also be purchased separately in 10ml bottles.

For a disposable e-cigarette (or shisha stick, depending on your naming preference), our Energy Shisha has a dash of extra style in the form of its dark purple coloring, and a simulated gemstone at the tip that refracts light from the internal LED that illuminates as the device is puffed. This results in a striking rainbow effect that’s sure to grab some attention when the Energy Shisha is taken out on the town.

Here at Vape Squad, we had a difficult time pinning down the flavor of the Energy Shisha e-liquid. While some of us thought it tasted very much like Red Bull, others felt it to be a bit closer to grape. Either way, it’s a somewhat fruity flavor that’s very pleasant, but not too sweet.

So, the Energy Shisha tastes good, but does it really provide the pick-me-up one would expect from a caffeine and taurine-laced electronic cigarette? One thing we can tell you is that, after using the Energy Shisha fairly heavily — perhaps a bit too heavily — in preparation for this review, there is certainly the type of effect one would expect. To put it plainly, right now I feel like I just shotgunned a triple shot of espresso. My heart rate feels a bit faster than normal, I’m very much awake, and I think maybe after writing this up I’ll go for a jog, and maybe paint the house. It definitely seems to be working as advertised.

We admit we were a bit skeptical about the Energy Shisha when it arrived, but after giving it a chance, it turned out to be a good-tasting, nicotine-free e-cigarette that really does seem to provide the same kind of kick an energy drink would, without the hassle of having to haul around a six-pack of heavy aluminum cans.

You may be able to find Energy Shisha at a local bar or club, but you can also order online from Energy Shisha’s website, which provides international shipping.

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  • Steve

    I’m hyperglycemic and an hour after lunch I take a hit of EnergyShiSha and wow – I’m ready to go. This is an awesome product!

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