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Published on August 19th, 2013 | by Trick


Review: Evolv Kick 2

Review: Evolv Kick 2 Trick

Evolv Kick 2


Summary: With increased power and lower resistance limits, the Kick 2 brings variable wattage to low-ohm atomizers, but it's still as frustrating to use as ever.


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There’s no denying that Evolv had a huge hit with the Kick, a relatively easy-to-use drop-in device that provides variable wattage capabilities to mechanical mods. Though, for all its popularity, the Kick had a few drawbacks that became showstoppers as the popularity of sub-ohm vaping grew. Specifically, a lower limit of 1.3 ohms and a power limit of 10 watts made the Kick unsuitable for use with the ultra-low resistance atomizers frequently used with mechanic mods. The Evolv Kick 2 goes a long way toward addressing those limitations.

With the Evolv Kick 2, the power output lower limit remains at 5 watts, but the maximum has been increased to 15 watts. This is, as far as we know, the highest wattage limit to be found in this type of device, surpassing the ceiling imposed by the competing Artisan Vaping Crown and Sigelei-K modules. With this wattage upgrade comes a current limit increase as well, which allows the Kick to power a sub-ohm coil for extended periods without frying itself or shutting down.

“[The Kick 2] works in exactly the same way as the original Kick but boasts a higher maximum power and employs synchronous rectification for superior efficiency. The Kick2 also boasts mod resistance compensation to ensure a more accurate power delivery.”


With this increased upper limit on power and current comes a much lower minimum resistance: the Kick 2 will no operate with coils as low as .5 ohms, up to a maximum of 3.3 ohms. The previous lower limit was 1.3 ohms.

There have been structural changes in the Evolv Kick 2 as well, with the module now featuring a pair of spring-loaded negative posts, which may allow better conductivity by providing a more solid connection, with more contact area, that the original Kick’s single contact.


The Evolv Kick 2

Otherwise, the Evolv Kick 2 is a very similar device to its predecessor. Unchanged from the original Kick is the small pot which is used to set the desired wattage of the device. While functional, there are a few slightly aggravating drawbacks to the design, not the least of which being that setting the device with any kind of accuracy is virtually impossible; possible even more so than the original due to the wider wattage range now available. Small marks on the Kick 2 a designate where to turn the pot for the intended wattage level, with tiny lines marking the position for odd-numbered wattage settings. The pot itself is marked with a couple of very small, indented dots to indicate a pointer. Unfortunately, the wattage markings are small and really only give a very general idea of the correct position, and the dots on the pot are even harder to see. Even if you’ve got the eyes of a hawk, setting the Kick 2 is going to be more guesswork than an exact science, even with its capability to compensate for the internal resistance of the mod in which it is used.

In our tests, the Evolv Kick 2 performed as advertised, and it proved capable of driving all but our very lowest resistance atomizers. We were very pleased with the output of the device, though accuracy, as explained earlier, is not something we expected to get, and we didn’t. In every respect not related to the limits of the new device, it performed identically to its predecessor, providing a predictable, regulated vape until the battery got low and the Kick 2 would start its familiar low-battery stutter.

We’d mostly abandoned the use of the original Kick in recent months — it just would not work in a large number of the atomizers we were using in our mechanical mods. With the upgrades included in the Kick 2, we may just give it another chance.

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