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Review: Innokin iTaste VTR

Review: Innokin iTaste VTR Trick

Innokin iTaste VTR


Summary: A heavy, boxy little powerhouse, the iTaste VTR from Innokin has fast become one of our favorite VW devices.



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Innokin’s iTaste MVP gets a lot of love from its owners. Its high battery capacity and ease of use have made it a favorite among vapers who prefer a variable voltage/wattage mod, and even around here, where we’re practically swimming in mechanical mods, our MVP’s are among the most-used PV’s in our arsenal. It comes as no surprise, then, that Innokin would expand on their line of “box” mods with their new variable wattage offering: the Innokin iTaste VTR.

While the form factor is similar, the Innokin iTaste VTR is a very different beast than the MVP. Though shaped quite similarly, the VTR does not contain a permanent battery cell like the MVP, instead using a standard 18650 battery which can be removed. It’s also quite a bit larger than the MVP, measuring 107mm tall, 54mm wide, and 22mm deep. While the measurements are quite similar to the MVP, that mod is only 41mm wide, so the VTR is quite noticeably the larger of the two.

The Innokin iTaste VTR is also substantially heavier than the MVP; it feels like a lead brick in comparison. Considering the similarity in functionality between the two, we’re not sure of the reason for the increased weight, but it’s definitely there. Reactions here to the heft of the VTR were mixed, with some of us thinking it was a bit too heavy, and others liking the substantial feel of the mod’s significant weight.

It may also be worth mentioning that the unit we’ve been testing, a silver VTR, is definitely a fingerprint magnet — especially compared to our MVP’s. It’s polished stainless steel finish smudges very easily, and if you’re anal-retentive about things like that you’ll be wiping it down constantly.

Innokin iTaste VTR (photo from Innokin)

Innokin iTaste VTR (photo from Innokin)

Our reactions to the controls of Innokin iTaste VTR were very positive. Instead of having three buttons near the bottom of the mod, the VTR’s fire button sits alone in the middle of the back spine of the device, with a small LED indicator above it which indicates battery strength when the mod is fired. Like other Innokin mods, it glows green for a full battery, yellow when the battery is half-discharged, and red when the battery nears the end of its charge.

Adjusting wattage and voltage of the Innokin iTaste VTR is done using a wheel at the top of the device. When small button in the center of this wheel is pressed, the resistance of the attached atomizer is displayed on a generous LED screen on the side of the device. After a short pause, the wattage (or voltage) setting is displayed, and the wheel can be turned to adjust the power up or down. Pressing the button again while this setting is displayed cycles between variable wattage and voltage mode. We’ve found this method for setting power levels to be quick and easy: overall, much easier to use than that of the latest 2.0 model of the iTaste MVP.

Another thing that sets the Innokin iTaste VTR apart from the MVP is the atomizer configuration. Instead of attaching an atomizer to the top of the mod, like with the iTaste MVP, the 510 connector of the VTR is inset on a sort of shelf on the side of the mod opposite the power button, and a ring extending from the top cap of the mod holds the atomizer in place and gives the whole thing a very integrated look. The downside to this design, however, is that the atomizer must be the right size to fit into this compartment. An iVlear 30S is included with the iTaste VTR which looks very good on the device, as does Innokin’s standard iClear 30 (as shown in the photo at the top of this review). However, the iTaste VTR can accommodate other 510-based atomizers in a more traditional top-mounted configuration by using an included adapter which fills this atomizer compartment and moves the connector to the top of the mod.

Innokin iTaste VTR (photo from Innokin)

Innokin iTaste VTR (photo from Innokin)

As we expected, based on our experience with Innokin’s other mods, the Innokin iTaste VTR performs quite well. The output of the device is true to the levels set on the device, which can be set in variable voltage mode between 3 and 6 volts in .1 volt increments, and in variable wattage mode between 3 and 15 watts, in .5 watt increments. While we have been unable to confirm, indications are that the VTR has a 5 amp current limit, which is quite generous (especially compared to the 3 amp limit of the iTaste MVP), and may make the VTR preferable to those who prefer lower-resistance atomizers or those with multiple coils.

Another place the Innokin iTaste VTR differs from the iTaste MVP is the price. At most retailers, the MVP sells for around $70, compared to a roughly $100 price tag for the VTR. It’s a fairly significant difference, but the increased output of the VTR may make the premium worth paying for those looking for a mod with a bit more kick to it, and don’t mind the extra weight and lack of an external USB power port.

The Innokin iTaste VTR ships in the same impressive miniature suitcase as the iTaste 134, and includes the mod, an iClear 30S atomizer, the connection adapter, and an instruction booklet.

We have to say we’ve been rather impressed with the Innokin iTaste VTR’s performance and build quality, and its been getting a lot of use since it arrived here at Vape Squad HQ. The mod seems very capable of powering just about any atomizer we throw at it. When couple with the ease of use of the device, it’s a very powerful combination that makes using the VTR a very satisfying experience, and we suspect it’s going to become a very well-used favorite here.

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