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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Trick


Review: Kamry X10

Review: Kamry X10 Trick

Kamry X10


Summary: Kamry's new competitor for the ProTank has a plastic tank, no personality, and ours had truly abysmal performance.



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When Kanger released the ProTank, they quickly found themselves with a hit on their hands. The easy-to-use atomizer with a glass tank sold like hotcakes, and have been a favorite ever since. As should be expected, it wasn’t long before companies like Kamry decided they wanted in on Kanger’s action. Recently, they announced the X10, a very similar atomizer, which they said would feature a 510 connector, a replaceable drip tip, high tank capacity and, like the ProTank, a Pyrex glass tank.

The Kamry X10 is, essentially, a large metal cylinder with a tank inside of it, and low-profile, knurled top and bottom caps. Its somewhat devoid of personality, bearing quite a bit of resemblance to a miniature garbage can. A window cut into the metal in the shape of a lower-case “i,” like the window used on some iHybrid models, reveals the tank beneath.

As we mentioned, as initially announced, the ample tank of the Kamry X10 was to be made of Pyrex. Things changed between those initial announcements and the release, however. We recently received the X10 through a Facebook-based co-op, and while it does, indeed, have a large tank with a decent amount of capacity, it’s not a glass one, but polycarbonate. This is sure to come as a disappointment to anyone who orders the X10 expecting it to be a cheaper equivalent to the glass-based ProTank. As released, the X10 bears more of a resemblance to a larger version of Kanger’s MT3 than to the ProTank, with its metal-encased plastic tank. Unfortunately, a metal shell won’t stop harsh juices from cracking the X10’s plastic tank, which is certainly a point in the ProTank’s favor over the Kamry.


The Kamry X10

It wasn’t long after filling the Kamry X10 that we found a few more reasons to prefer the ProTank. The first few drags from our new X10 were, to put it simply, awful. They were dry, burnt, and very hard on the lungs. Ever take a hit off a fresh cartomizer you’ve forgotten to fill? It was very much that kind of awful. The problem, of course, is that we hadn’t forgotten to fill the X10. To give it a chance, we set it a aside a while, hoping the juice would soak into the wick. When we tried it again later, it was just as bad as the first hit.

After quite a bit of fiddling, we found that we could get the wick to soak up juice by loosening the bottom of the tank. We assume this allowed some air in and eliminated a vacuum that was preventing juice from getting to the coil. Unfortunately, to prevent the Kamry X10 from tasting really awful, we had to keep the bottom so loose that it was about to fall off. As soon as we tightened it back up, the dry hits returned. This happened on not just one, but both of the X10’s we’d purchased. Neither were usable unless we unscrewed the bottom cap to the point of leaking.

Having tried to get an acceptable level of performance from the Kamry X10 without the bottom falling off for a good amount of the day, we eventually gave up. At this point it seems likely that our X10’s will be thrown into that box in the back of the closet with all the other gear we tried once and decided we’d rather not ever use again. It’s not particularly attractive, and it has got to be the most temperamental clearomizer we’ve ever used, requiring constant work to get vapor out of it that isn’t burnt.

If you’re hoping to save some money by buying the Kamry X10 instead of a Kanger ProTank, prepare to be disapppointed. The X10 is, indeed, cheap, selling at about half the cost of a ProTank at retail, but the savings come at a cost: not only will you not get a glass tank, but you’re also likely to get, like us, an unusable clearomizer out of the deal.

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Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

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  • 3FHC

    We brought in the Kamry X10 with high hopes and much like you we were quite disappointed. I only tested one unit but I did not have the problems you experienced with having to loosen the bottom of the unit to avoid dry hits. The X10 will accept protank and evod coils. The Kamry coils are complete junk. The only thing this unit has going for it is the large capacity and the ability to accept the much better built Kanger coils. On a side note, when I contacted Kamry about the tank not being glass they replied that it is “acrylic” as opposed to polycarbonate. On the other hand since they said it was glass originally I’m not taking their word for it being acrylic, just passing along what they said.

    • Trick

      It’s very possible we’re wrong about it being polycarbonate vs. acrylic. We took an educated guess on that one, but we’re sure it definitely ain’t glass. :)

      • Amanda

        Funniest (and saddest) thing about that, is… Kamry is the one who had it listed on their site as “pyrex” (probably still does) & after seeing that, I felt confident ordering one from a vendor who also listed it as pyrex (based on Kamry saying so, I can understand… & not the vendors fault.. well, mostly. lol) Imagine my surprise when it arrived….. =( plastic.. crap! LOL Tho, I do know that the Protank-2, mini-protank, Dbox Puritank AND Anyvape Davide Clearomizer… ARE all pyrex. =) Vape on!

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  • Albert

    There is a little tweak that I did that helped it a bit. I took off this little seal where the wick is. It seemed to help it quite a bit. It hasn’t leaked so far and it got rid of the burnt taste. The harshness is still present, but taste wise it got much better.

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