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Published on August 11th, 2013 | by Trick


Review: Kanger ProTank II

Review: Kanger ProTank II Trick

Kanger ProTank II


Summary: A true upgrade over the first-gen ProTank, the ProTank II provides similar performance to the original "glassomizer," with a much higher degree of modularity.



User Rating: 2.8 (26 votes)

It’s been a bit difficult to manage reviews in the last week: not only was there a transition in delivery addresses that has left several items in forwarding purgatory somewhere between California and Texas, but much of our testing and photography gear is still in one of countless cardboard boxes, still waiting to be unearthed.

With this lack of an inflow of gear, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a package earlier this week from our friends at Sun Vapers, containing the new Kanger ProTank II.

Delivered in a box much like the original ProTank, containing the main chrome-plated brass body of the ProTank II with its glass tank, two coils of approximately 2.5 ohms, and a base, the first impression was very much like that of the original ProTank, just slightly boxier considering the ProTank II’s more angular top. The reason for the new top was immediately apparent: unlike the original ProTank, the ProTank II has a removable drip tip which can be replaced with any 510-compatible tip, a feature that’s sure to be popular with those who weren’t fans of the permanent tip of the original ProTank.

protank2After screwing the coil into the base, just like the original ProTank, we were ready to fill the ProTank II’s 2.5ml tank and fire it up. We were pleasantly surprised: Kanger chose not to change the airiness of the vape, which may not have been appreciated by many people, but those who did like the draw of the original ProTank should be very happy with it on the ProTank II.

Many of the major differences in this version are the many customization options Kanger has added to the ProTank II. In addition to the replaceable drip tip mentioned earlier, it is also possible to replace the coils (2.5 and 1.8 ohm versions are available), the base, and the glass tank. For example, while using a colored tank on the original ProTank meant buying a colored ProTank, the modularity of the ProTank II allows the user to replace just the glass. Every part of the ProTank can be easily replaced if desired, all the way down to the O-rings which, on our test unit, provided a very tight, leakproof seal.

One of our gripes with the original ProTank was the maddening inconsistency of the replacement coils. It’s difficult to say whether this will be an issue with the ProTank II, we’re happy to report that the two coils that came with our tank performed very well, with great vapor production and very little flavor muting. Even with thick 100% VG juices, our new ProTank II wicked better than we expected, providing a consistent vape with no dry hits, and no flooding. These coils, it should be mentioned, are essentially the same as those used in the ProTank an ProTank mini, but our recent experiences with them have in the Mini and now with the ProTank II have been very positive; either we’ve been lucky or, possibly, Kanger has resolved the quality control issues we’d previously experienced with ProTank coils.

While we were not bowled over by the original ProTank, we’re much more impressed by Kanger’s revision of the popular “glassomizer.” It performs just as well, if not better. The modularity of the device means more customization options, in addition to making it much easier to take the device apart for cleaning and juice swaps.

Sun Vapers currently has the ProTank II in stock for $19.99, which is just slightly higher than the original ProTank, but in our opinion, the new features more than justify the small price bump. This is an atomizer you’ll be able to use for a very long time, the performs very well and looks great — and allows you to make it look even better if you choose. Kanger already had a sales winner with the original ProTank, but with the ProTank II they’ve accomplished something even better, and this new iteration of the ProTank has proven to us to truly be an upgrade over the original.

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About the Author

Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

  • Matt NJ

    Best tank I’ve used so far. Great hits and I can use my own drip tip. Love it.

  • Richard Duran

    I have this and the Original Protank. On the Protank 2 I am noticing that I am getting Dry hits, but if I take that same head and bottom platform and throw it into my Protank 1 I dont get Dry hits… Same Voltage used on the same mod. Anyone have an idea of whats going on an why the Protank 2 is Dry Hitting?

    • JustJunkMail

      I just started using mine about an hour ago and am finding lots of dry hits too. Seems like it isn’t wicking the juice well. Was thinking of pulling a wick to allow more juice in. hmmm

  • Gabe

    I’ve had my Protank 2 for just about a week now and have already stopped using it in favor of a Davide Glassomizer. My Protank 2 would flood as soon as the tank reached 50%. Just yesterday I had to burp/clean/flush my Protank 5 times while at work to keep it functional. Within 10 drags it was flooded again.

    • Trick

      Having used the ProTank II for a while now, we’re finding them to be nearly as hit-or-miss as the original. Some flood, some come up a bit dry… it depends on the juice and how that particular coil assembly is feeling that day.

      Overall we do like it quite a bit more than the original, but the performance still comes down to the coil, and if you get a bad one, it’s not going to work very well.

  • Sphynx

    Had mine 2 weeks now, got it to replace the protank I lost. It works itself loose and leaks. I preferred the original and have ordered one to replace the one I lost.

  • Austin M

    The liquid gets into the battery of mine

  • mark


  • Adam Darkin

    I have a protank 3 and I have not had any problems

  • Nancy

    I have my Mini Protank II (V2) for almost 6 months now and never ad any trouble ,and i vape like crazy so for those having problem it’s like a care sometime you catch a lemon , I vape now for 16 months (I stop smoking after two stoke )

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