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Published on October 2nd, 2013 | by Trick


Review: Madz Modz NZonic V4

Review: Madz Modz NZonic V4 Trick

NZonic V4


Summary: Madz Modz didn't mess around too much with a good thing: A minor revision of the NZonic, the V4 retains the quality of previous versions with a small increase in performance.



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Madz Modz has, for some time now, been near the epicenter of the boom in mod manufacturing in the Philippines. Their flagship mod, the NZonic, has kept a reputation for being one of the best-made devices coming from that country, and Madz Modz recently updated it to its fourth revision.

The new NZonic V4 retains a great deal of similarity the the earlier V3 revision we reviewed here back in May. In fact, the NZonic V4 is really mostly a cosmetic revamp. Gone is the brass and stainless two-toned look of the NZonic V3; instead, the V4 sport more subtle contrasts by using all stainless steel with a combination of a blasted matte finish over most of the mod, and a polished finish on accent pieces like the center tube, the ring above the switch, and the switch button itself.

The NZonic V4 retains the signature Swarovski crystal embedded in the bottom-mounted magnetic button. On our unit, with serial number 2378, the crystal is blue, rather than the green of our NZonic V3.


NZonic V3 (left) and V4 (right)

Specs we have found online for the NZonic V4 state that both positive and negative pins are 100% copper. However, while that is clearly true of the V3 version, the contacts in our NZonic V4 have a very brassy color, which is likely to be the result of a layer of silver plating coating the contacts. Possibly because of this plating, we found conductivity of the NZonic V4 to be quite good, with a voltage drop under load of just over .2 volts on a 4.2 battery, or voltage retention of 95%. This is a slight improvement over our tests of the NZonic V3 with unplated copper contacts, which we found to retain 94% of battery voltage. We were glad to see this bump in performance — while we appreciated the looks and build quality of the NZonic V3, we did see room for improvement on conductivity, and the results of our tests of the V4 show a small but measurable difference. While the NZonic V4 may not hit the top of our performance scale, with the V4 it has climbed a rung further up the ladder.

Also worth noting about our NZonic V4: it arrived with two top caps. One is a slant-topped version which, other than the matte finish, is identical to that of the NZonic V3. However, it also came with a 22mm flat-top cap (shown in the lead photo at the top of this review), which we’re sure many will appreciate, as it greatly increases the aesthetics of the mod when used with larger atomizers. Combined with the pair of center tubes that ship with the NZonic V4 — one for 18350 and 18500-length batteries, and a longer tube for 18650 batteries and larger (the NZonic can accommodate an 18650 with a Kick or Crown, a somewhat rare thing in even telescoping mods), the NZonic is one of the most flexible mods out there when it comes to battery and atomizer choice.

Mostly unchanged, also, from previous versions of the NZonic is the price. Like the NZonic V3, the V4 doesn’t come cheap — we’ve seen it selling at U.S. retailer for upwards of $180.  However, given the popularity of the NZonic line, it may be possible to find group buys which obtain the NZonic straight from the Philippines, saving on shipping and possibly obtaining a discounted price on the mod.

All in all, we found the NZonic V4 to be a worthy addition to the Madz Modz’s NZonic line. As with earlier versions of the mod, the workmanship is outstanding, and the boost in performance over the NZonic V3 is definitely something we appreciate. While this new version may not bring with it many significant changes, when you’re starting with a mod as well-built and good-looking as the NZonic, even a very small step forward is a good thing.

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