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Published on May 12th, 2013 | by Trick


Review: Sigelei Telescope #20

Review: Sigelei Telescope #20 Trick

Sigelei Telescope #20

Build Quality

Summary: The Sigelei Telescope #20 looks and feels great for a bargain mod, but performance of our test unit was very weak.



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Sigelei’s production of new Telescope models marches on; earlier today we joined a co-op for Model #61. Meanwhile, our #20 was arriving on our doorstep.

The line has been very hit-or-miss, as should be expected, considering Sigelei’s been recently using the Telescope line for attempts to clone nearly every popular mechanical mod made in the last few years. Some, like #8 and #13, have been relatively well-received. Others, like #14 with its awful switch, were promptly forgotten. It was with great curiosity that we’d ordered #20 through a Facebook co-op. Would it be one of the good ones, or would it be crap?

Sigelei Telescope #20 is clearly an attempt to clone the Atmizoo Roller.  With its three-piece telescoping body and top-side-mounted brass switch (also available in a stainless steel switch version), it does bear a striking resemblance, if not an exact one, to the popular and much more expensive Greek mod. At $40, the Sigelei mod is roughly a third of the cost of the Roller.

The Sigelei Telescope #20 is a small mod. Sigelei has managed to keep the internal overhead low, and the mod is one of the smallest we’ve seen in 18650 mode, maybe half an inch or so longer than that last pack of Marlboro Reds we still keep around in case of an emergency. It’s shorter than any of the 18650 mods we currently have on hand to compare it with, with the exception of the Gus Telescopic V2, which only beats it by a few millimeters. Of course, since the #20 is a telescoping mod, it will be even smaller if used with an 18500 or 18350 battery.

Sigelei Telescope #20

Sigelei Telescope #20

Like the Roller, the Sigelei #20’s switch also functions as an on/off dial. Turned toward the “ON” label engraved on the mod, the button works as expected. When the button is dialed toward “OFF,” pressing the button will not fire the mod. While this is a handy feature, it is not without its drawbacks. First, the indicator on the dial that lets you know of the switch is on or off is a tiny mark engraved into the side of the button, making it difficult to see, particular if you don’t have perfect vision. This can sometimes make it hard to tell whether the switch is enabled or not. The other issue we’ve found is that the button tends to rotate slightly when the mod is used, and since it does not lock on to either the “ON” or “OFF” positions, it’s very possible to accidentally switch it from one to the other.

While the Sigelei #20 features brass contacts at the positive end of the mod, both for the battery connection and the 510 connector, the negative connection consists of a somewhat flimsy spring that is not brass: it is a silver-colored metal, the composition of which we have not been able to determine, but it is not stainless steel.  Largely as a result of this spring, we found a much higher than usual amount of voltage drop in the #20 under load, with only about 90% of the battery’s voltage making it through to the atomizer. This makes it one of the poorest-performing mechanical mods we’ve tested to date. Replacing the spring with a cobbled-together center post decreased the voltage loss to around 6%. While the voltage drop of this mod puts it at a 2 on our 0-5 performance scale, our modifications now have it performing well enough for it to have scored a 3 or 3.5.

Another small issue that may annoy some is that the 510 connector does not sit flush with the top of of the mod: it protrudes a bit, so atomizers will always have at least a small gap on top of the Sigelei #20. The mod’s center pin also does not adjust, which may exacerbate this problem with some atomizers.

This mod has just started hitting retailers, so there may still be time for Sigelei to correct the abysmal performance of the #20 in a later revision. Until then, if performance is important to you and you don’t want to have to modify your PV to get it, we recommend you steer clear of the Sigelei #20.

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Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

  • Greatful dad

    Yo trick! I gotta say I was sold on looks alone with this mod. And the price ofcourse. Noticed the connection would’nt let anything sit flat, thinking yeah I could shave it down, another thing was how does it lock in the off position which is vital for any mech mod. My searches led me here and the information you provide is second to none. Good looking out! Will be looking forward to the revision of this mod or something similar. Big tanks!!

  • peter

    Hello. Do you know how to open the head to clean the button ?

  • Trick

    Damned good question. Unfortunately, earlier this week we found out about a guy who’d had his car broken into and all his vaping gear stolen, so our #20 got packed into an emergency vaping supplies package and shipped out before we really got a chance to rip it apart.

  • armitage5

    I’m confused about how you are rating performance. When you reviewed the K100, you said that 89% voltage retention was “quite good”. In this review you say that a 90% voltage retention rate makes it “makes it one of the poorest-performing”. Can you explain that ?

  • Trick

    Good catch. The K100 was tested while we were still hammering out testing methods, and the numbers on that review are a little wonky compared to later tests…

    We later retested nearly all of the mechanicals we’ve reviewed with a more uniform testing procedure, and the K100 scored (just a sec, while I pull up the spreadsheet…) 95.01%, which is the number I was looking at when I made that comparison. I just went back and updated that review to reflect the result of that retest. While we updated scores at the time of the retest, we didn’t always update the text of the review at the same time, so that old number was still in the K100’s review.

  • Gary

    Have you reviewed the sigelei 8W or do you know if anyone has?

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