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Published on July 3rd, 2013 | by Trick


Review: Team Hotwire Eveon

Review: Team Hotwire Eveon Trick

Team Hotwire Eveon


Summary: The Eveon has a unique locking mechanism and performance is good, but it feels a bit flimsy and we found it overly difficult to set up.



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Team Hotwire of the Philippines has been putting out some innovative mods of late. Not long ago, we reviewed their ballistic-themed Pistola mod, giving it some high marks for looks, build quality and price.

On the heels of the Pistola comes the Team Hotwire Eveon, another mod with features that make it stand out in the ever-increasing flood of mods that have been hitting the market in recent months. The most interesting of these is the locking mechanism. While locking buttons are not an unusual feature on mechanical mods, the Eveon’s button lock takes a very unique approach that makes preventing accidental firing as easy as a flick of the wrist.

The Team Hotwire Eveon features a telescoping body with top and bottom sections that can be twisted about a quarter turn to activate the locking mechanism. It works just as well from either end, a very welcome feature after dealing with a lot of mods that require twisting a locking nut around and around just to be able to put them down. With the Eveon, one little twist and you’re done, and you can feel it locking into position. There’s no guesswork, no wondering if you’ve found the right spot.  It works beautifully.


Team Hotwire Eveon with Cyclone atomizer

As novel as the button lock is, however, the Team Hotwire Eveon has turned out to be something of an exercise in frustration. We must have spent at least a half hour just trying to figure out how to get it to fire after putting a battery into it. We’d twist the top cap off, slide in an 18650, put it back together, and… nothing.  Then we’d take of the bottom cap, put in the battery, press the button, and… more nothing.  Maybe it was locked? Hard to say, because we must have had the bottom fall off at least five times when twisting it to see if that was the case.  Eventually, we completely gave up on trying to get it to work at all with an 18650.  We did get it to work with an 18500, but now that it’s firing, we’ll be damned if we can figure out how to even get the pieces to fit together with a larger battery in it. Descriptions of the mod say it fits an 18650, but if it does, it’s proving beyond our abilities to figure out how the hell it does. And, you know, we’re not exactly amateurs at this stuff.  Sure, we’re awfully close, but usually getting a battery into a mod doesn’t turn out to be something that keeps us up half the night.

[Update: We eventually figured it out.]

Our Team Hotwire Eveon did work pretty well once we got it firing, though. In our load tests, it transferred a fairly impressive 95% of battery voltage to the atomizer, or roughly a .2 volt drop from a battery charged to 4.2 volts. Frankly, we were a bit surprised. While we didn’t notice any real build problems (other than the aforementioned battery ordeal), the Eveon is a fairly lightweight mod that uses relatively thin metal, and not a whole lot of it. We’ve found mods built with thin metal don’t transfer current as well as ones built from thicker materials, but the Eveon proved to be much more conductive than we expected from it, and it vapes very well once you figure out how to turn it on.

We paid $120 for our Eveon from a group buy in Facebook’s Legit Group Buys. Now that we’ve got the mod in our hands — especially considering the hassles it gave us just to get it working, and the relatively lightweight materials used in its construction, we’re feeling like we paid a bit too much for it. It’s not that the Eveon is a bad mod — it’s not. But is it a $120 mod? We think that’s debatable.

If it weren’t for the frustrations we experienced getting it working, and the fact that we still can’t figure out how to get it working with an 18650 battery, we’d probably feel better about our purchase. We’d probably also feel a lot better if it had been $40, or even just $20, less than the $120 we paid for it. However, based on our experience we don’t really have a warm, fuzzy feeling about the Eveon, and we’d say to skip it unless you get a much better price than we did.

That locking mechanism really is cool, though.

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About the Author

Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

  • Wayne Prunkard

    So glad I read your reviews. Keeps me from making a costly mistake. :) Thanks, and Happy 4th.

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  • Ijat Masa

    About the 18650, u mention [Update: We eventually figured it out.] but didn’t elaborate how exactly. And about the 0.2 voltage drop, what’s the resistance of the atty? Ty

    • Trick

      We eventually pulled the entire mod apart and put it back together piece by piece, making sure everything was extended out as far as possible. Our main issue seemed to be with the bottom section not being configured to be long enough to allow the 18650 to fit.

      As far as the atomizer resistance, we use a variety of resistances in testing; our test atomizer are 1.5, 2.0 and 2.4 ohms.

  • John S.

    I personally loved mine… The only issue is the aluminum threading on the 510 connector. Mine stripped completely after two months. They’re sending me a new one, but I guess I’ll have to leave one atty strapped to it permanently to prevent that from happening again.

    Also, the voltage drop is due to the silver plated contacts. I’ve seen them test out to a .12v drop under load, so that makes me wonder if it’s a variation in build quality. I’ve got #112 by the way.

    And one more thing, I only use 18650’s in mine. They fit just fine, not sure what happened with yours.

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