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Published on July 4th, 2013 | by Trick


Review: The EHPro EA Mod Clone

Review: The EHPro EA Mod Clone Trick

EH Pro EA Mod


Summary: While it's not built quite as sturdily as the original, the EHPro EA Mod clone is close, and one of the best performers we've ever tested.



User Rating: 2.5 (42 votes)

Update: The original version of this review complained about the tubes being too short. Then TallyVapes kindly pointed out that, sometimes, I am a complete moron, and hadn’t noticed the longer extension tube in a hidden compartment of the box under the mod. After revising this review, I went to go hide under a rock until everyone forgets.

Clones can be a difficult thing to review. On one hand, it’s hard to complain about cheap vaping hardware. With a lot of gear out there either obscenely expensive or very hard to obtain, there’s certainly an upside to gear that’s not only accessible, but inexpensive. On the other hand, there are the ethical issues: is it wrong to buy or recommend a mod that’s a blatant rip-off of someone else’s design? Does it potentially harm the vaping industry as a whole to encourage people to purchase knock-offs?

We think about those questions a lot, but don’t really have answers. It’s hard not to ponder them as you’re trying out a mod like EHPro’s new EA Mod clone. It’s about as blatant a clone as clones get: designed to look just like the EA Mod from Electric Angel, SmokTech didn’t even bother coming up with their own name for the mod: the label on the box reads “EA Mod.”

It is also pretty damned close to the EA Mod in appearance. It has a very similar brushed stainless finish and a gold-toned button, though in the clone’s case the button is gold-colored chrome, or perhaps gold plating, as opposed to the EA Mod’s brass. Like the Electric Angel mod, the EHPro EA Mod Clone uses a three-piece telescoping design with a GG-style side-mounted button on the bottom tube (a feature that has led to many calling the original EA Mod a GG clone, thereby making the EHPro mod a clone of a clone). The metal used in the EHPro clone’s construction isn’t quite as thick and substantial as the EA Mod’s, but it’s pretty sturdy stuff.


EHPro EA Mod clone, 18650 mode

The button is worth a special mention here. We caught some crap from a few people after we reviewed the Electric Angel EA Mod several months back. A lot of people really love their EA Mods, but we weren’t fans. Part of the reason for that was the mediocre performance of the mod, but one thing we absolutely hated was the small, domed button. Coupled with a stiff spring, we found the EA Mod’s button to be painful to use after a while. Electric Angel’s button was also difficult to remove for adjustments or cleaning, being held in with a tiny C-ring that was prone to flying off into oblivion if you tried to remove the button from the mod. Thankfully, EHPro chose not to go for an exact duplicate of the EA Mod’s button, instead opting for a wider, flatter-topped button which we find much more comfortable to use. The spring is also somewhat less stiff, making it more comfortable to use for long vaping sessions. Perhaps best of all, though, the EHPro clone uses a large nut to secure the button instead of that maddeningly small C-ring.

We were also surprised — maybe even shocked — at how well the EHPro EA Mod clone performed. We tested, re-tested, and tested again, and through all of it the EHPro clone performed extremely well; almost unbelievably well. It fired consistently, exhibiting no misfires and uncommonly consistent voltage output. We also experienced extremely little voltage drop with the mod: on average, it retained an almost unheard-of 99.3% of battery voltage to the atomizer, a drop of only .03 volts on a 4.2-volt battery. We weren’t quite willing to believe it at first, but this Chinese-made clone mod with what EHPro says are gold-plated brass contacts outperformed just about everything we’ve ever tested.

[This is the part where we talked about the tubes being short, making ourselves look like clueless morons. It has been removed, but it will be a long time before we live it down, I’m sure.]

We got our EHPro EA Mod clone for a bit under $40 in a group buy run by Bucky’s Bargain Vaping. That’s about 1/5 of the cost of buying an EA Mod from Electric Angel at today’s exchange rates. This is a new item and we haven’t seen it at a lot of retailers, but we suspect prices of $60 to $80 will be common if retailers start picking this up.

You’d be hard-pressed to find one with better performance, at any price. While we can ponder the moral issue of whether it’s ethical to sell, or even to recommend, clones like the EHPro EA Mod clone, we can’t question that the result of this particular duplication is a mod that outperforms the original by a very wide margin, both on a voltage level and on price, even if it doesn’t quite match up when it comes to the materials.

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Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

  • TallyVapes

    Did you not find a 18650 tube in your package mine was sitting in in the bottom of the package pull the little bit of nylon cord to open a compartment

    • Trick

      Oh… my… God. Revision time.

      I should have remembered the EA did the same thing. It’s been a long time since I was this embarrassed.

      • TallyVapes

        It’s ok least the main problem you dinged this item for is fixed its by far the best clone ive had the pleasure to own

        • Trick

          Yep, I agree. I actually like this one a lot better than the authentic EA Mod, personally, now that I’ve figured out what I’m doing over here.

          I’ve adjusted the scores back up to reflect what they should have been if I wasn’t a moron, and I can only hope people were too busy with 4th of July stuff to pay attention to my really stupid mistake. I owe you one.

          • TallyVapes

            It was no problem at all glad to help have even caught a few other reviewers missing that tube :) it seems to be a common mistake

  • Vape Squad

    Reposted because of a really stupid mistake we made reviewing it.

  • Desi Mendoza

    I know you guys say 0.03 voltage drop, but Todd measured something different (0.26v at 1.0 ohm)…how did you guys test this?

    • Trick

      We run multiple tests at a range of resistances from 1.5 to 2.4 ohms, using a couple different pieces of equipment. Fully-charged AW 18650 batteries are used, where possible.

      I should probably write up a page fully documenting our testing procedures, since we get asked this a lot, but essentially we take five tests at each resistance, dropping the lowest and highest result, then average out the results. The math is all handled by a spreadsheet to avoid stupid calculation mistakes.

  • Vincent

    The firing button is prone is come loose and when it does the button pops out. I lost my button because of that but otherwise this is a great mod.

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