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Published on July 19th, 2013 | by Trick


Review: The EMI Avenger

Review: The EMI Avenger Trick

EMI SS Avenger V3


Summary: A versatile, well-built mod with great performance, the Avenger has just enough flash to give it a unique personality.



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The great thing about group buys is that they provide an opportunity to buy some great gear at an often significant discount. Even when it’s just a break on shipping, when you’re buying mods like the EMI Avenger from the Philippines, those shipping costs can add up fast if you’re buying one mod at a time.

We’d been coveting the EMI Avenger for some time. The telescoping mechanical’s clean lines and reports of very good performance really made us want to get our hands on one, so when a group buy on the SS Avenger V3 started up on Facebook, we jumped right away, and started the agonizing process of waiting for it to arrive.

It turned out to be a short wait, and we’ve been using the Avenger quite a bit since it arrived. It looks just as good in person as it did in its online photos. It’s not a fancy mod, really; the design is simple, using a combination of multiple tubes and a telescoping top section to accommodate a wide range of batteries. Everything we through at it, from an 18350 up to an 18650 with a Kick, fit snugly and securely. This flexibility in tube lengths probably makes the Avenger, when it comes to battery options, the most versatile mod in our ever-growing collection.


EMI SS Avenger V3 with QZI Megatron Genesis

While, for the most part, the EMI Avenger is an unassuming mod without a lot of flashiness, an exception to the otherwise modest look would be the bottom-mounted button. The button features a logo the combines the stylized sun of the Philippine flag with a large, lower-case letter “e,” echoing the same logo that is engraved on the side of the mod aside a unique serial number. The bottom version of the logo combines the symbols with red, white, blue and gold of the flag, and is encased under a thick acrylic button. The splash of color at the bottom really stands out against the simplicity of the mod, with the button adding a bit of uniqueness to the look without taking it overboard.

While we’re on the subject of the button: it’s got a great feel to it, with a very short throw that makes the EMI Avenger very easy to activate. Firing of the mod was very consistent, and we did not experience any misfiring. We were also rather impressed with the reverse-threaded locking ring. While this type of lock design is quite common on bottom-button mods, the ring on the Avenger is quite tall and easy to grab, and turns very easily. While using this type of lock can often be a bit cumbersome, and can frequently lead to accidentally unscrewing the bottom of a mod, this happens to us less often on the Avenger than most mods with a similar locking system, because the ring turns so smoothly that it’s easy to tell when you’re at either the fully locked, or fully unlocked, positions.


The Avenger’s button

The EMI Avenger, which features copper contacts, performed solidly on our tests, retaining approximately 96% of battery voltage under load (a voltage drop of around .15 volts on a fully charged battery). In addition to a low amount of voltage drop, the consistency of output was exceptional, with very little variation from one firing to the next.

While we haven’t seen another group buy on the EMI Avenger since we purchased ours, it is possible to register for a pre-order at MyVape, which we highly recommend as an excellent source for Pinoy gear, for ₱6,150, which works out to about US$141.00 at today’s exchange rates. While that is certainly a considerable price to pay for a mod, we do think the build quality and performance of the SS Avenger justify the price.

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  • RPadTV

    I love the look and performance of this mod. As far as style goes, it’s easily my favorite Pinoy vaping device. The button, however, drove me batty. I’m surprised you liked it so much. I didn’t care for the feel at all and it caused me to get rid of it.

    • Trick

      Buttons can be a funny thing that way. There have been a lot of other mods I hated because of their switches… Like the EA Mod… I just despise the button on that one, and a ton of people seem to love it. I guess they’re just a personal thing.

      • RPadTV

        That’s funny, I really like the button the EA Mod. Ha! Yeah, the “feel” of buttons is subjective and personal.

  • Dee Vaper

    Great review inspired me to write my own. Check it out

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