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Published on June 13th, 2013 | by Trick


Review: The Euforia

Review: The Euforia Trick



Summary: While it's a blatant rip-off of someone else's work, we grudgingly have to say that the Euforia is a damned good atomizer.



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Several months back, the Terminator (and later, the Terminator-C) made a pretty big splash. A made-in-China clone of the original version of the Golden Greek Odysseus, the Terminator took cloning even farther than usual. It was a part-for-part, near exact copy of the Odysseus. Pieces of the Terminator could be used on the Odysseus, and vice versa, and it was priced at a fraction of what the Golden Greek atomizer cost. It sold like hotcakes (which apparently sell pretty well, explaining why IHOP still exists, despite having the worst waitresses and stickiest tables imaginable).

Fast forward a few months, to the announcement of the Euforia. Like the Terminator, the Euforia is a part-for-part copy of another Golden Greek atomizer — this time, the smaller Penelope. Built on a scaled-down version of the Odysseus’s silica-wick design, the Penelope has been hard to obtain because of Golden Greek’s limited production runs of the atomizer, and — possibly more frustrating — spare parts have been difficult to obtain as well. Capitalizing on the demand for the Penelope and replacement parts like the atomizer’s nearly unobtainable ceramic cup, the Euforia is undoubtedly a blatant, shameless attempt to make money off the design work of Imeo Thanasis, owner of Golden Greek.

The major difference between atomizers like the Euforia and Terminator and other clones, though, is that they’re built very well. Sticking to tolerances nearly as tight as the original atomizers, the Terminator was praised for being a very solid, well-performing atomizer, and while it had a few quirks, many were quick to point out that they were the same issues people had with the original Odysseus, upon which it was based.


Penelope (top left) and Euforia (bottom right)

The Euforia, like the Terminator, is fundamentally no different from the much more expensive and nigh-unobtainable Penelope. Cosmetically, the only real differences are a brushed finish on both the atomizer and mouthpieces, some slightly boxier edges, and the lack of the signature GG wings in the tube.

Incidentally, on the finish:  Imeo Thanasis has previously criticized the brushed finish of the Terminator, particularly on the mouthpiece. The problem, according to Thanasis, is that a brushed finish acts like a file on the teeth, and can wear them down. Thanasis says that is why his mouthpieces are always polished.  Food for thought.

Internally, they might as well be the same atomizer. All the same parts are there, with quality mostly indistinguishable from the original. In all honesty, we wanted to find some glaring flaws… something to give people more incentive to by the original from the man who designed it, but frankly, there’s just not any real difference.

Because of the internal similarity, of course, they also vape identically. Like the Penelope, the Euforia’s silica and mixed-wire configuration puts off a lot of vapor, with very good flavor (though, potentially, with a bit of silica taste on top of it). It works extremely well for things like dessert and bakery vapes that don’t always taste like they should in a Genesis-style atomizer.

We’ve also found our Euforia to be as leakproof as our Penelopes have been. Unlike most Genesis atomizers, the Euforia, like the Penelope, can be thrown into a pocket, laid down, and carried anywhere, without causing any flooding or leaking.  Also, as it is quite small, it can be used on an eGo or 14xxx-based mod without looking ridiculously oversized.

We really didn’t want to like this one, as we don’t like the idea of condoning the kind of design theft that went into its production. However, we also have to acknowledge that the original is very difficult to get, and even just having a new source of ceramic cups for the Penelope is something many people have wanted for a long time. On top of all that, the Euforia vapes just like the Penelope we already knew and loved.

We’d still recommend the Penelope over the Euforia if you should ever have the chance to get a Penelope from Golden Greek, or one of their resellers. That recommendation isn’t based on performance or quality reasons, though, since the Euforia really is a very well-built atomizer. However, while you’ll most likely pay a lot more for a Penelope than the $74.99 we paid Stormy’s Vapor Cellar for our Euforia, you’ll also be supporting the company and the designer who created it, and encouraging the design of more hardware like it. The Euforia, as good an atomizer as it is, is still a technological dead end.

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