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Published on July 13th, 2013 | by Trick


Review: The Kanger Mini ProTank

Review: The Kanger Mini ProTank Trick

Kanger Mini ProTank


Summary: The ProTank's little sibling brings a glass tank, ease of use and good performance in a smaller form factor that's ideal for eGo-style batteries.


Very Good

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Kanger’s ProTank has been an extremely popular addition to their line of clearomizers, loved by many for its glass tank, ease of use, and performance — though it also seems to be despised by almost as many for problems with the base, flooding, and super-airy draw. All told, though, the ratio of love to hate seems to fall far enough on the love side that people have been snapping them up, and the ProTank has also recently inspired several clones from other vendors, which is a sure sign of a hit.

Kanger’s started branching out with the ProTank, recently announcing a Version 2 of the clearomizer, in addition to the new Mini ProTank, which we just received from Sun Vapers. It is, as expected, essentially a shrunk-down version of the standard ProTank, with a smaller glass tank that holds 1.2ml of liquid. In most other respects, it’s very similar to the standard ProTank in looks and performance.

The Mini ProTank has the same airy draw familiar to users of the full-sized version. We really like the draw, but it may not please people who are used to a tighter draw. It also uses the same coils as the standard-sized ProTank, so vapor production and flavor are very similar between the Mini ProTank and its big brother — while, on the whole, that’s probably a good thing, we’ve noticed quite a bit of inconsistency in ProTank coils previously, which would make the Mini ProTank susceptible to the same unpredictability from coil to coil. The two 2.2-ohm coils that came with our test unit, however, performed very well, with minimal flavor muting and none of the flooding we’ve frequently experienced with out larger ProTanks.

1041384_grandeThe Mini ProTank is designed to look good on eGo-sized batteries, and is available in two styles: One with a 510 connector, and another — the model we tested — with an eGo-style connector. One bit of aesthetic strangeness with the eGo version: while the tank is a silver-chrome color, the base is a much darker gun-metal shade of gray. Some may like the two-toned look, though we would have preferred a more uniform look.

After a few hours of vaping with the Mini ProTank, we’re feeling pretty positive about it overall. Good-looking options with eGo-style batteries are limited, and the Mini ProTank gives users of those very popular batteries an easy-to-use option with a tank, albeit a very small one, that has performed very well. We took it out with us un errands today, in the summer heat, and when even our normally leakproof EVODs were leaking all over the place due to heat expansion, not a drop left the Mini ProTank.

Most vendors shipping the Mini ProTank or taking pre-orders are charging just under $15.00 for them — Sun Vapers, where we bought ours, currently has them for $14.99, with an additional 7% off if you use the coupon code SAVE7. This price includes the ProTank Mini, base, and two coils of approximately 2.2 ohms. While that may be a bit pricy for a typical clearomizer, the Mini ProTank is priced most places at slightly below the cost of a full-sized ProTank, and with ProTank replacement coils available for under $1.00 the Mini’s long-term cost could easily be lower than more disposable options.

If you’re a frequent user of eGo-style batteries and looking for new clearomizer options, we think there’s a good chance you’ll be very pleased by the new Mini ProTank.

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Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

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  • Matt Reece

    Good description! I love my new mini pro tank. I too have traded my marb reds for vape gear and like stalking the vendors for new stuff, vape on!

  • karen

    Hi Dear,

    Do you need the e cigarette in stock, we are the Kanger and Innokia Agent, also have the factory by ourself. All goods have 12 month quality warranty.

    The free sample to check the quality is welcome.

    If you need, pls feel free to let us know, we would like do for you.

  • Ignatz

    Do you have any idea what the resistance is on these things? I bought a mini protank the other day, it came with the two coil units, but there is no info anywhere saying what the resistance is.

    I have read that each coil unit has a different resistance, one of them is supposedly a low resistance coil, but I have no idea which is which, nor wether that’s even true.

    Do you guys happen to know?

    • Trick

      The unit we reviewed came with two 2.2 ohm coils.

    • Rand

      It says what resistance it is on the atomizer head near the bottom once removed from it’s base.

  • Ben

    I just purchased a Kanger’s ProTank Mini 2 with the replaceable mouthpiece. I love it. The draw is a lot lighter which I like as well as the taste of the e-juice tastes cleaner than that standard cheap plastic tanks with wicks that end up tasting burnt after a few days. I have the EgoC-Twist they work well together. Very good quality in this little device.

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