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Published on June 18th, 2013 | by Trick


Review: The RichMan Rebuildable Atomizer

Review: The RichMan Rebuildable Atomizer Trick

The Richman RBA


Summary: The RichMan Rebuildable Atomizer adds technical improvements along with a sleek, stylish revamp of the AGA-T2's looks.



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Please forgive any rambling, bad grammar, or unexpected passing out during the writing of this review. We’re seriously overnic’d from our test session with the subject of this morning’s review, the RichMan Rebuildable Atomizer.

Sold by RichMan Vapors, the RichMan Rebuildable Atomizer is, essentially, a gussied-up AGA-T2, though it’s hardly recognizable as such. With its satin matte finish, clean lines and tiny viewport into the tank, it really doesn’t look like an AGA-T2 at all from the outside. It’s actually a bit more reminiscent in styling of Youde’s AGI than the AGA-T2, all right angles and straight lines.

However, with the cap off and looking straight down, there’s not much to distinguish it from the AGA-T2. The deck, besides having the same satin finish as the rest of the atomizer, is clearly the same as the AGA-T2’s, as is the assembly of the mod. In fact, we accidentally dropped our RichMan Rebuildable Atomizer taking it in from the mail, and shattered the quartz tank. Fortunately, we quickly discovered that tanks for the AGA-T2 are a perfect fit, and were able to easily replace it with a spare cobalt-colored AGA-T2 tank from Bedazzle, which went in the same way as it does the AGA-T2: remove the center post nuts, unscrew the deck, and drop in the tank, then screw it back together. Other than the base of the RichMan RBA being quite a bit taller than the AGA-T’2, and covering more of the 3ml tank, it’s really the same RBA.


Richman RBA (foreground) with AGA-T2 (background)

That’s not to say that the RichMan doesn’t have some welcome improvements over the stock AGA-T2. For starters, the bottom two nuts on the center post have been replaced with larger ones, which are not only easier to manipulate, but may help avoid hot spots when installing a coil in the atomizer. Also, while the RichMan Rebuildable Atomizer does come with the same small pack of mystery wick and coil material as a standard AGA-T2, ours also included a small care package from RichMan Vapors with generous 1.5″x4″ squares of 400 and 500 gauge stainless mesh, as well as 6″ of kanthal wires in each of 30 and 32-gauge, all much higher quality stuff than what you get with an AGA-T2.

Now, we’ll confess, we love the AGA-T2. Set up with a little care and patience, it can be one hell of a hard-hitting beast. This has turned out to be true of the RichMan Rebuildable Atomizer as well. We set it up using the 500 mesh and 30 gauge kanthal wire supplied with it, and couldn’t be happier with how it vaped. We did have to fiddle with the center post a bit, as it came from RichMan a bit too recessed into the atomizer to make proper contact with our mods’ center posts, but adjusting the post is a simple matter, particularly with all the information online about setting up an AGA-T2, all of which also applies to the RichMan.

We should probably also mention that, while the satin finish of the RichMan is somewhat unusual for an atomizer, it’s a near-perfect match for the finish of Super-T’s Precise mods if they, too, have a satin finish. We’re pretty enamored with how the RichMan looks on our Precise ELA.


If this deck looks familiar, there’s a reason.

It’s also hard to find fault with the RichMan Rebuildable Atomizer’s price: at $34.95, it’s not much more expensive than a stock AGA-T2, and certainly a lot less than many other atomizers out there. While it may come with a little of the frustration of the AGA-T2, RichMan Vapors has taken some steps to alleviate those with the larger center post nuts. However, while we had little trouble getting ours up and running with the provided materials, it’s hard to say whether that was because of the improvements or just because we’ve set up a lot of AGA-T2’s and have gotten pretty good at it.

We have since replaced the 30-gauge wire with the ribbon wire shown in the deck photo, and have been vaping the RichMan at .9 ohms for the last hour or two, which is part of the reason for the state of nicotine overdose mentioned at the beginning of the review. Not only has it proven up to the task, but it’s been doing an excellent  job, and we have no complaints about the vape. We have no reservations at all about recommending RichMan’s AGA-T2 revamp: it’s a great-looking atomizer with the proven performance of the Youde atomizer from which it is built.

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Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/picc.yournose Picc Olo

    Perfect timing Trick!! I want one. I’ll read this later.

  • Qorax

    The R/M Genny is perfect from every angle except one — it “weeps”. It’s ‘air hole’ is WRONGLY placed… so low on the top cap that it sits just over the deck. Thus, when u vape – the air hole gets flooded with juice sprinkles, which eventually drip outward, it being unfortunately so positioned to offer a ‘drainage’. Leaks so very slightly, but it does… an irritant which we at ECF termed it as WEEPING.

    Not something to get immensely perturbed with, but nevertheless an ‘irritant’. And as it’s a design oversight, there’s a simple fix as well. The air hole could be LIFTED just 2mm upwards and things could be hale & hearty once again!

    Fortunately upon my notification to Richman he has set upon correcting it. And confirmed that the next batches, aka R/M RBA v2, will have the updated top caps.

    Overall I definitely agree with Trick, this is one smart and stunning RBA, a ‘looker’. I’m vaping it since 2-weeks now and remain very well satisfied. It also looks much more expensive than it’s actual price-point.

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