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Published on June 20th, 2013 | by Trick


Review: The Sigelei #19

Review: The Sigelei #19 Trick

Sigelei #19


Summary: The Sigelei #19 isn't strong on looks, somewhat shoddily built, and doesn't fire half the time. However, it does have magnets in it, though we're really not sure why.



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The 19th in the line of Sigelei’s recent line of mods is…  well, it’s a little strange. Modeled somewhat on the NZonic by Madz Modz, it’s a telescoping mod with a bottom-mounted button.

When the Sigelei #19 was first announced, many people were excited about the mod’s magnetic button. Naturally, most assumed it would operate like the button on the NZonic, which uses magnets instead of springs. They would soon find out, however, that while the button is, indeed, magnetic, the magnet serves no useful purpose whatsoever, other than making the battery stick to the bottom of the mod. Why Sigelei even bothered putting it in, we really couldn’t say. Maybe they just got a good deal on magnets. Maybe someone in the factory had a sense of humor, and though it would be funny to see the reactions on people’s faces when they realized the magnet on the switch does nothing. Maybe the guy who designed it had just been hitting the Moutai a little too hard. Whatever the reason, the magnet’s just sort of… there, and a super-stiff spring manages the movement of the button.


Sigelei #19 with B-Style Top Cap

A very common complaint about the Sigelei #19 has been that the switch frequently misfires, and we’ve found that to be true with ours as well, particularly with the “B” style flat-top cap, which has a design modeled after the flag of the Philippines engraved in it. The cap also, incidentally, has another magnet built into it, which again serves no real purpose. Probably about half the time we pressed the button when using that cap, the mod would not fire. There’s been a lot of research done as to why that happens, and rather than rehash the mod’s well-known conductivity issues, we’d suggest you do a Google search for “sigelei 19” and see what pops up. We’re sure you’ll have no trouble finding multiple pages explaining just how screwed up the #19’s switch is, like this page explaining why Sun Vapers refuses to carry the mod. If you’re the handy type, the same search will also reveal the ways several people have improved the mod to work around the problems, but if you’re not the type who likes to buy parts from the local hardware store just to get it to work properly, the Sigelei #19 is probably not a good choice for you.

We’d like to be able to say that the Sigelei #19 was a well-built mod, or even a good-looking one, but we really can’t. The threads are screechy, and Sigelei seems to have gone to great lengths to copy the basic design of the NZonic, while at the same time removing any personality whatsoever from it. Sure, it’s got clean lines on it, but it’s a mostly featureless tube with vent holes in somewhat odd places, giving it a look like it was built from whatever spare tubes Sigelei happened to have lying around.


Sigelei #19 with SG-1 and RSST, 18500 mode

If the Sigelei #19 has one saving grace, it’s that it’s one of the mods, along with Sigelei’s #8 and #13, supported by the Fusions SG-1 hybrid kit. Using the SG-1, we’ve actually found the #19 to work quite well, performing as well as a 4.5/5 (under .2 volts dropped on a 4.2 volt battery) on our performance tests, compared to a score as low as 2.5 (.35 volts dropped) using the stock top caps. The mod also fires much more reliably as a hybrid than it does as a 510-based battery mod.

The simple look of the mod also works more in its favor when used as a hybrid, and it actually doesn’t look half-bad with an RSST or Terminator-C sitting on top of it. However, we really have a hard time recommending a mod that really only starts to become bearable if you rip the head off it, and fork out some money for a third-party modification kit.

The Sigelei #19, unfortunately, is just not a good mod. It’s not particularly well-built, it’s looks are nothing to get excited about, and its performance is mediocre, if it performs at all. While none of Sigelei’s Telescope series have been particularly solid mods, the #19 somehow manages to be even worse than most. While its roughly $30 price tag may not be a lot of money, it’s probably $30 better spent elsewhere.

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  • chris

    I dont agree with your findings i have one of these and yes after some tweeking it works a treat mine is smooth and dont squeek never did it looks great and comp with others is cheep and works it pisses me off at what some pay for what is a threaded tube and switch 100+ and some high end mods dont perform as well i think it is well made for what it is a ss tube and for the price is excellent i know some would rather pay over the odds for there vape gear but thats just daft if it works it works just cos a mod is over priced it dont make it better volt drop on mine is 0.24
    this is just my thoughts on this and i appreciate yours

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  • Chris Metzger

    This company is horrible. Poor quality control and falsely document information. Don’t get suckered.

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