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Published on July 23rd, 2013 | by Trick


Review: The Smok Magneto

Review: The Smok Magneto Trick

Smok Magneto


Summary: Smok's take on the Madz Modz NZonic looks good, performs well, and beats the pants off the Sigelei #19.



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Not long ago, we reviewed Sigelei’s Telescope #19, a rather disappointing piece of engineering and manufacturing with one of the worst switches in recent memory. Now Smok has taken their own shot at a very similar mod with the Magneto. We were sent one recently by Sun Vapers of San Diego, California, and have been putting the new telescoping mechanical mod through the wringer for the last few days.

We have to admit that our expectations weren’t very high after Sigelei’s attempt, which seemed to be going through the motions of cloning the Madz Modz NZonic while completely missing the mark. Their version of a “magnetic switch,” for example, was a conventional spring switch with a magnet stuck on the end of it, serving no purpose, while simultaneously contributing to a high amount of voltage drop. Buyers of the Smok Magneto, on the other hand, will be pleased to find that it contains a genuine magnetic switch that does not rely on a spring. Not only is it truly magnetic, but it is a superior switch in all respects to the aggravatingly bad switch on the Sigelei offering, with none of the Sigelei’s problems with poor conductivity and frequent misfires. Perhaps also due in part to the much better switch, voltage drop under load was far better with the Magneto then the #19, with the Smok Magneto retaining over 96% of battery voltage under load in our tests, or a drop of about .15 volts on a fully-charged battery, a very impressive showing particularly for an inexpensive Chinese-made mod.


Magneto with Rainbow Heaven Ithaka clone

The Smok Magneto is also, arguably, a much better-looking mod than the Sigelei, with the Magneto’s brushed body featuring quite a bit more detail work, such as the engraving on the top cap and a stylized spider etched into the bottom-mounted button. In many respects it bears a strong visual resemblance to the EMI Avenger we recently reviewed. While some may not be particularly fond of the large “SMOK” logo etched into the bottom tube, the other engravings and details like the creatively-etched air channels in the top cap, and a small polished section just above the large reverse-threaded locking ring, give the Magneto a thought-out, finished look that is mostly missing from the Sigelei #19.

While the Smok Magneto far surpasses the Sigelei #19 in just about every way possible, it does fall a bit short of the NZonic and Avenger mods upon which it is presumably based, but not by a large margin. Overall build quality is not quite as high as the Pinoy mods, with the Magneto’s threads being noticeable rougher, though they still work just fine. It should probably also be noted that although the Magneto telescopes similarly to the NZonic, it doesn’t telescope quite as far. The Magneto will accommodate batteries from an 18350 to an 18650, but will not accept a Kick or similar device with an 18650; it’s just not long enough. With such a device, you’ll be limited to an 18500 or shorter.


Magneto, 18650 mode

If the Sigelei #19 has an advantage over the Smok Magneto, it is that the Fusions SG-1 hybrid kit works with the Sigelei mod. The Magneto’s top cap is designed in a significantly different way that will not allow it to be used with the Fusions kit.

Given the overall better build and superior performance of the Smok Magneto, we were quite pleased to find it selling for not much more than the Sigelei Mod. Sun Vapers currently has it in stock for $49.99, a very reasonable price for a mod with the build quality and performance of the Magneto.

Overall, this is a mod we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to someone looking for a good-looking telescoping mechanical mod at a reasonable price. Not only does it beat the Sigelei #19 hands down in addition to giving the NZonic and Avenger a run for their money on a performance level, but it’s a very good mod in its own right.

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About the Author

Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

  • ron

    Thank you for the review. It would good addition to add the size of the mod: diameter and height on 18350-18650.

  • Harold Grammer

    Thanks for the timely review I was looking for a cheap mechanical with good performance. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

  • Evol_villain

    Awesome mod, it will be even better when I get my new magneto with an adjustable pin in it….. It’s on it’s way, and no smoktech logo on the tube. I patiently wait now

    • Evol_villain

      Triangle vape is doing a pre-order for this one now.

  • Joseph Filemu

    Nice review. Got mine 2 weeks ago and I’m loving it. Heads up to anyone wanting one, I got mine for 39.99 (42.87 with shipping to southern california) at vapingcraze. I use button top 18650’s and I get them in with just enough to hide the threading. I also use single 16340’s in it and it works fine. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good low priced mech as well.

  • Larry

    I went out and got this mod because of all the reviews i read on various sites, including this one. I want to let everyone know that is contemplating buying this piece of crap, to save your money. It is finicky and does not perform very well at all, that is if you can get an atty to sit right and connect. I was so disappointed with it and would like to advise ANYONE out there, to just save yourself the headache.

    • Mars

      I call your BS Larry, I have had mine a month now, ZERO issues.
      I dont know how you could possibly have any issues with this.
      As for the fixed Center pin, I dont get how this would be an issue for anyone, its a 510 connection, standard size and depth.

  • Mike Knudsen

    I don’t know why people praise the Magneto’s performance so much. Sure the V2 has nice threads and an adjustable center pin but it doesn’t hit that hard at all compared to other mods. Cheaper ones at that. I have a telescopic pro which is a cheap no name mod and it hits so much harder than the magneto and the center pin on it is just some kind of muck metal. It’s almost on par with the Astro and Nemesis clone which are also cheaper than the Magneto. The magnetic switch combined with the spring in the tube cause voltage drop in the thing. Its still not weak but its just kind of middle of the road in terms of performance, but if a 17 dollar mod can out perform a 50 dollar mod by a lot then there is no reason it should be so hyped up. Even the Smoktech Galileo hits noticeably harder for some reason. I’ve owned both. I think they might get paid by the companies for good reviews.

    • drkztan

      “doesn’t hit as hard as other mods” Sorry, but we are talking about a mech mod here. The performance of a mech mod is 90% battery, 10% mod conductivity. As far as I’m concerned, the magneto’s conductivity is very good, the casing’s resistance is very low. you might want to check your batteries.

      • Adrian Aghaie

        Hmmm, odd I love my magneto.
        With the right coil set up and good juice, full battery, I can fill a room with smoke off half a lung full of hit.
        To each their own.

        • drkztan

          I might have not worded it well, but that is what I meant. As far as the actual metallic tube’s conductivity goes, as long as it is not made from absolutely horrendous materials, the quality of the vape will be almost entirely up to the battery and the coil you put in it. It was more of a jab towards the 150€+ range of mechanical mods which only have the “superior building process/materials” in their descriptions to justify the heft price tag.

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