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Published on March 3rd, 2013 | by Trick


The BCC Mega by Vapeonly

The BCC Mega by Vapeonly Trick

Vapeonly BCC Mega

Build Quality

Summary: A high-capacity clearo that works great... as long as you don't use thick juices or chain-vape.



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With reports of quality control issues related to Kanger’s clearomizers rather common these days, many people have been looking for alternatives to the ubiquitous T2’s and T3’s. In recent months several suppliers have stepped in with new clearomizers, conceivably in an attempt to take over Kanger’s spot as Clearo King.

Vapeonly BCC

The Vapeonly BCC Mega

One of these new contenders is the Vapeonly BCC Mega. The design shares a lot of similarities with the T3: It holds 3.5ml of juice in a clear tank, and features a replaceable bottom coil. Coils are available in a range of resistances: BCC coils are offered in 1.8, 2,2, and 2.5 ohm versions, one of each of which is contained in the package with the tank, with the 2.2 ohm coil preinstalled.

One significant difference of the BCC compared to the T2 and T3 is that the BCC Mega uses a 510-threaded connection rather than eGo threading, making it compatible with a much wider range of devices.

Over two weeks of usage we have experienced no leaks with the BCC, though it does seem somewhat prone to dry hits when used repeatedly in a short span of time or at high voltage levels. Discussions in places like the E-Cigarette Forum suggest several methods for avoiding this, but it’s unfortunate that workarounds may be necessary.

The short and sweet of it:

Build Quality: 4.5/5

We find little to fault with the build quality of the BCC. As an item that is intended to be somewhat disposable, it is made primarily of plastic, but that is to be expected.  We have experienced no leaks and the device works properly on every 510-threaded device we’ve tried it on.

Looks: 3.5/5

The BCC features a base and cap in flat gray or black, and the clear tank is available in a wide variety of colors.  While the look is clean and simple, it may not be a good match for many PVs.

Flexibility: 4/5

A couple of features of the BCC give it an edge in flexibility over similar devices. The first is the use of 510 threading, which allows the clearomizer to be used without an adapter on a much wider range of devices than competing products with eGo threading. The BCC also comes with a plastic drip tip that can be removed and replaced with any standard 510 drip tip.

Performance: 2.5/5

Performance of the BCC is about average for a clearomizer. Flavors are somewhat muted, though not to any large degree, and not noticeably more than they are in similar devices. The choice of coils makes it relatively simple to adjust the resistance of the atomizer to personal taste and PV output levels. We did find wicking issues under heavy use, however, and dry hits seem to be difficult to avoid with VG-heavy juices.

Price: 3/5

We found the Vapeonly BCC selling at retailers for prices ranging from approximately $10 to $14. This price includes the BCC itself, as well as three coils in varying resistances. In comparison, we found the Kanger T3 selling for $5-$7, significantly less.  We found similar price differences in replacement coils.

Overall Score: 3.5


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