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Published on April 18th, 2013 | by Trick


The Golden Greek Ithaka

The Golden Greek Ithaka Trick

Golden Greek Ithaka

Build Quality

Summary: The most adaptable Golden Greek atomizer yet, with features that allow it outstanding performance.



User Rating: 2.8 (28 votes)

After a wait that’s kept people in anticipation since December, the latest Golden Greek atomizer has arrived: the GG Ithaka, but not without it’s share of controversy.  Was it worth the wait, and the frazzled nerves?

The Ithaka, or The Odysseus Improved

The Ithaka, like other Golden Greek offerings such as the iAtty, Odysseus and Penelope that preceded it, is a silica-based atomizer. While the setup of the Ithaka is quite similar to those other atomizers, there are significant differences.  This time around, for example, support for dual coils has been significantly improved, greatly increasing the potential output of this atomizer in comparison.

With two coils, the Ithaka is a powerhouse.  In a video tutorial about the Ithaka, maker Imeo Thanasis warns that if the Ithaka is set up this way, you may need to reduce your usual nicotine level a notch or two.  Knowing Imeo’s penchant toward overstatement, we were a bit skeptical, but after giving it a shot ourselves, we have to admit he may be right. After a little chain vaping, we’re definitely feeling the effects of the 12mg juice we filled it with for the first run.

The dual-coil configuration is supported by a fairly major change in the rebuildable part of the atomizer from the earlier GG atomizers: rather than having channels for a single wick, the Ithaka has two. Not only does this make it easier to set up two wicks with one coil per wick, but even in a single coil configuration we’re finding that the Ithaka wicks juice extremely well, and this becomes even more important with multiple coils.  While we did experience some dry hits with two coils, we suspect that with slightly thicker wicking material than the small strand included with the atomizer, this problem could be easily eliminated.

GGTS Performance without the GGTS


Ithaka on Poldiac

Another new feature of the Ithaka in comparison to other GG atomizers is its support for multiple PV types without needing to buy a special adapter.  Every Ithaka is capable of being used not only natively with a GGTS by threading directly onto the collector tank, but it has its own airflow control, identical in design to that of the GGTS, even when used with the included 510 base.  This means the Ithaka can be used on any PV the same way as on a GGTS, complete with GGTS-like air control. An adjustable center pin ensures the Ithaka will sit flush with the PV, even on mods without adjustment of their own.

The Scores

Build Quality: 4.5

The Ithaka, unsurprisingly for a GG atomizer, is a beautifully made device. The threading is smooth as can be, the finish is flawless, and it feels like a piece that could last a lifetime.  Our only reservation about it is the plastic tank common to other windowed GG atomizers.  Given the current lack of an available stainless steel replacement tank, a particularly hostile juice could potentially render the Ithaka unusable until a replacement can be obtained, and right now replacement tanks don’t appear to be available anywhere.  A stainless tank would provide a bit of peace of mind.

Looks: 5

If you’re a fan of the GG look, you’ll probably love the Ithaka.  It is styled very similary to the UFS or Odysseus (and, by extension, Odysseus clones like the Terminator-C) and looks right at home on top of a GGTS, though it’s also stunning on other PVs as well.  The added engraving of the GG wings and a serial number are crisp and deep, and add a little flair to the Ithaka.

Flexibility: 4.5

The Ithaka is easily the most flexible of the GG silica-based atomizers built to date.  With its built-in support for the GGTS, and any 510-based mod, it’s ready to use out of the box with whatever you want to use it on.  In addition, the Ithaka includes an overhauled rebuildable part that can easily support dual wicks if desired, in a couple different configurations. Further adding to the Ithaka’s options, an optional mouthpiece is available (though out of stock everywhere we’ve checked) that allows the use of any 510-based drip tip.  We’d probably give the Ithaka a 10 here, but it does not yet have all of the various configuration options of its predecessor, the Odysseus.

Performance: 4.5

We have been extremely impressed with the performance of the Ithaka. Particularly in dual-coil mode, it cranks out massive clouds of vapor and the flavor is excellent.  One caveat here: the use of silica wicks does affect flavor somewhat. This isn’t going to bother a lot of people, but some will surely not be fans.

Price: 3.5

At nearly $200 from Clouds of Vapor, the Ithaka is a very expensive atomizer, and the spurts in which GG items are produced ensures this atomizer will be relatively hard to acquire, except in the second-hand market. However, GG devices are known to hold their value rather well, and we don’t doubt the Ithaka will be no exception to the rule, making it easy to get back the investment should you choose to sell your Ithaka.

Overall Score: 8.8

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About the Author

Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

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  • http://ecigarettereviewed.com/ Lindsay Fox

    How does the Ithaka compare to the Kayfun? I think I’ll give it a try.

    • http://www.vapesquad.com/ Trick

      This is a little embarrassing, but we haven’t been able to do a head-to-head comparison with the 3.1 yet because… well, because I set it down somewhere a few weeks back, and can’t remember where.

      I can say, though, that we’re very happy with it compared to the Kayfun Lite. We found it much easier to set up (though not having to use non-resistance wire on the Kayfun Lite is nice), and the Ithaka has been much less prone to leaks.

  • Albert

    How did you guys learn to assemble the Ithaka. Does it need to have a resistant/nonresistant wirei for the build?

    • http://www.vapesquad.com/ Trick

      While there are ways to do the build without NR/R wire, the Ithaka’s not really built for it — it’s meant to be used with both types. There are quite a few videos out there showing how to build it, but we had experience with similar atty’s like the Odysseus, so it wasn’t hard to figure out.

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