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Published on April 22nd, 2013 | by Trick


The Kanger ProTank

The Kanger ProTank Trick

Kanger ProTank

Build Quality

Summary: Decent performance and a glass tank that won't crack, no matter how violent your juice gets.



User Rating: 3.3 (12 votes)

The Kanger ProTank is something of an oddity: it looks like a tank, but works like a clearomizer. With its stainless steel and Pyrex construction, it’s a much heavier-duty unit than your average clearo, which has led to some retailers calling it a “glassomizer” to distinguish it from the typical plastic clearomizer, and the ProTank has received a lot of attention recently. We gave it a spin to see if the excitement about the ProTank was justified.

Not Quite a Clearo

That the Kanger ProTank is a cut above the typical clearomizer is made very clear right out of the box — in fact, the box is part of what makes the ProTank stand apart.  The ProTank comes packaged in a faux leather, foam-lined presentation box that keeps the atomizer secure in shipping; something more important than usual with the ProTank given the use of glass. Packaged with the ProTank itself are two 2.4 ohm coils (ours measured 2.5 and 2.6 ohms), a 510-threaded base, and a matching ring for covering eGo threads if used on a device that has them.


ProTank Unboxing

About the ring: While the ProTank comes with an eGo thread cover it is not, like many other Kanger clearomizers, an eGo-based device.  The ring is for aesthetics only, and the Kanger ProTank requires a 510 connection to function. While the ring will cover the threads on an eGo device, the ProTank is attached using the included coils, which fit a 510 connection. While this will not be a factor for most, the ProTank will not work on a device that does not provide a 510 connection.

The Kanger ProTank operates much like any standard bottom-coil clearomizer.  It is easily filled by removing the bottom cap and pouring in juice around the center post familiar to clearomizer users. The coil piece is then inserted into the post, and the 510 base screwed down onto the coil and tank.  This is a minor difference from other clearomizers, where the connection is provided by the base. In the case of the ProTank, a hole is cut in the base to allow the coil to pass through and connect to the PV, somewhat similarly to how a cartomizer tank would connect.  While this opens up the potential for leaks through the bottom (and, in fact, there were many reports of such leaking with the first run of Pro-Tanks), we haven’t had a problem with ours.

Well, Maybe it Is a Clearo…

As far as performance, the Kanger ProTank is pure clearomizer.  Ours exhibited flavor muting fairly typical of clearomizers, particularly at lower voltages.  Vapor production was good, but certainly not excellent. Using the same juice, vapor output and flavor seemed better on our T3’s and EVODs than on the ProTank.

Where the Kanger ProTank shines, however, is with juices that would eat other clearomizers alive. Since the tank is glass, it will not crack or discolor when used with citrus, cinnamon or other juices that eat through plastic, finally giving an easy-to-use option to people who prefer to use clearos, but have been reluctant due to their heavy reliance on easily damaged plastic.

The Scores

Build Quality: 4/5

The ProTank is certainly built from better materials than other clearomizers. The polished finish is clean, the glass is clear and unmarked, and the padded box the ProTank is shipped with ensure they stay that way.

Looks: 3.5/5

We suspect the appearance of the ProTank will be something many people love, and just as many hate. The permanently attached, rounded, nipple-like mouthpiece contrasts somewhat oddly with the knurled base. However, when used on a slant-topped PV it all actually meshes together fairly well. On a flat-topped PV, the ProTank looks a bit strange. On eGo-based devices, the included thread ring is a nice touch that adds a bit of continuity.

Flexibility: 4/5

The Kanger ProTank doesn’t really bring anything new to the clearomizer table that other 510-based clearos don’t, with one exception: the use of glass, rather than plastic. This makes the ProTank one of the only clearomizers which can be used without worry with any juice, and that’s a big thing. Most clearomizers will quickly disintigrate under the onslaught of cinnamon or citrus, but our ProTanks withstood Pluid without a meltdown, and that’s a juice we wouldn’t even think of trying in other clearos.

Performance: 3/5

The performance of the Kanger ProTank was mostly average for a clearomizer. It didn’t crank out the kind of vapor we see from other Kanger clearos, and flavor was noticably muted.

Price: 3.5/5

The Kanger ProTank in the type of box we received retails for just under $20 at most retailers, and about a dollar cheaper in a paper box. While this is certainly expensive for a clearomizer, we suspect people who like clearos, but can’t use them with a lot of juices, will have no problem with the higher cost.  Replacement coils are reasonably priced, at around $8 for five replacement coils.

Overall Score: 3.6

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About the Author

Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

  • Craig Marino

    I get great vapor production out of my two running at only 4.1 volts. Both of mine also posted at 2.6

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  • Dvoraak

    There’s one big difference between the Protank and every other clearomizer I’ve tried–
    I never taste wick or polyfill. That’s big to me. I don’t know about flavor “muting” but it’s as close as anything I’ve found to a straight drip tank system for giving pure flavor. Using low resistance atomizers with medium voltage I get above average vapor.

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  • Cade

    Have to agree with the review for the most part. The ProTank has two advantages, as far as I’m concerned – larger volume and no worries about cracking the tank with acidic juices.

    Unfortunately it also has a very airy draw, a tendency to flood if not topped off, and I completely agree on the ‘muted’ flavor. What good is the larger volume if I have to keep it topped to prevent flooding?

    Not a terrible tank, but also not even close to being worth the premium you pay over an EVOD or anything else with similar performance.

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