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Published on March 4th, 2013 | by Trick


The Telescopic Storm (KTS) by Kamry

The Telescopic Storm (KTS) by Kamry Trick

Kamry KTS

Build Quality

Summary: Inexpensive, and it looks and performs that way,



User Rating: 3.1 (10 votes)

We recently reviewed the EA Mod, a mechanical PV with several similarities to the Golden Greek GGTS.  If the EA Mod represents the high end of the GGTS clone scale, the Kamry Telescopic Storm X6 (also commonly known as the KTS, Chi Chi, and CCTS), sits firmly at the other end of the scale. A Chinese-built mechanical, the KTS sells for a fraction of the EA Mod’s price, and even lower compared to the GGTS.  So what are the trade-offs?

For a start, the materials which were used to build the KTS are of a much lower grade than the EA Mod and GGTS.  It is constructed of chrome-plated brass (an unplated version is also available, but somewhat harder to find), compared to the stainless steel of the other mods. The metal is also quite thin in comparison, which gives the KTS a somewhat flimsy, lightweight feel.  This is not a mod that’s going to survive being run over by a truck; it’d flatten like a pancake.  We also found the threading of the tubes to be somewhat inconsistent. For the most part the pieces seem to fit together well, but we ran into some trouble with the bottom cap of one of our units.  While we were able to screw it on, it did require a bit more force than should have been necessary.

Kamry KTS

Kamry KTS

Like the EA Mod and GGTS, the KTS has a side-mounted button at the bottom of the unit. This button is significantly smaller than the GGTS, and approximately the same diameter as the button on the EA Mod. We found the button to be quite comfortable to use, even after long vaping sessions. It is also easy to remove, unlike the one in the EA Mod.  This makes it easy to clean, something that’s relatively important in a mechanical mod, as contacts tend to lose connectivity over time if left to themselves. We found the button to be responsive and it does not seem prone to misfiring. It includes a locking ring that can be extended to prevent the unit from firing in a pocket or purse.

Internal contacts are stainless steel, with a brass spring at the negative end. The configuration of the contacts is very much like that of the GGTS. The telescoping feature of the KTS allows the use of any battery from an 18350 up to an 18650, with an optional extension available to allow the use of a Kick even with an 18650, though this extension is not included with the mod.

The KTS features a slanted top with a 510 connector, making it most suited to atomizers with a 20mm diameter. This may be a disappointment to many, as flat tops which match better with the wider atomizers commonly used with mechanical mods seems to be a preferred configuration.  Slots have been cut into the top to allow airflow when atomizers are flush with the cap.  The center pin does not appear to be adjustable.

So, how does this clone stack up?

Build Quality: 2.5

The materials used in the construction of the KTS are thin and chrome-plated.  Threading of some pieces was found to be rough, but usable.

Looks: 2.5

The GGTS look is extremely popular, but this is an obviously cheaper, scaled-down version of that look.  Some will appreciate the availability of brass as a color option, but the slanted top is bound not to be a popular design choice.

Flexibility: 3.5

The ability to accept a range of battery sizes, rather than one or more fixed sizes, is a huge plus for this mod. Additionally, the ability to use a Kick even with batteries as large as an 18650 with an optional extension tube is a somewhat unusual and welcome option.

Performance: 2.5

We weren’t surprised that this lightweight, chrome-plated bargain mod underperformed in our load tests, only managing to retain 87% of battery voltage under load.

Price: 4

The KTS is typically sold as part of a kit containing the PV, batteries, a charger and a tank for around $50 to $65. Even given the mod’s shortcomings, this seems like a very reasonable price for a complete kit.

Performance: 2.5

In our load tests, the KTS achieved a somewhat underwhelming voltage retention rate of approximately 87%.

Overall Score: 3.1

Note: Co-Ops on this mod are quite common. Be sure to check our Co-Op Tracker for any that may be active.

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About the Author

Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

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  • Karmick

    Check out scottsreviews (youtube & just google for his webpage blog) to find out the real deal on the KTS vs, say, the “beautiful” drawtube. Me thinks you’ve got a bug up your ass when it comes to the KTS. Just 1 ex.: the threads oni this mod are butter smooth. MIne are anyway. ANd your load tests are , well, not the same as my KTS.

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  • rho66m

    I’ve been using a stock KTS for about a month, now… Yes, the threads did start off a little “chattery”, but after a few times of changing out the battery, they smoothed themselves out. I don’t have a voltage checker, or anything fancy like that, but ANY tank or atty that I stick on it fires reliably EVERY TIME. I have the flat-top version, which seems to be available now, instead of only the beveled top. I am thinking about getting the tube extension, since I have a Sigelei Kick Clone on the way, so that I can use it in 18650 mode and still fit everything inside. It won’t hit like a Vamo, or some of the mech mods, but then it wasn’t really designed to do that. But for a cheap mech mod, that you never have to worry about, I can’t honestly think of a better purchase that I’ve made!

    • Marzinno Lembo

      I’ve had this mod for about a month and it’s a huge pain in the ass piece of shit,burned through 2 atomizers and haven’t even been through 1 bottle of liquid yet.
      Come to find out the atomizers aren’t easy to come by,so of course opted to go with a different tank,which also doesn’t thread correctly!
      Pain in the ass garbage,if and when the odd occasion you do get it to fire it does produce a good vape,but not worth $70

  • MPGTucker

    Just got one of these yesterday. Over all, for a starter mechanical mod it’s not bad. I got the flat top pre-installed for $20 and it works well. I agree, the threads on the tube are a bit chattery and it wobbles quite a bit until you get a battery in there and tighten it down, but it works. I’m also not a big fan of the button. It’s a bit small and you do have to press it all the way down to get it to activate.

    The biggest tip/complaint I have: Buy an extra top! It’s very easy to over tighten or cross thread your atomizer on this mod. The 510 threads are very weak.

  • Sean

    Since when is chrome plating a bad thing? You repeatedly mention this as though it’s a negative. I don’t know why you do this; chrome plating is usually a sign of quality, e.g. old school Cadillacs and their chrome plated bumpers, etc. It even adds durability to the base metal. Also, considering you gave the EA mod a higher score in performance, even though it had lower voltage under load than the KTS (86% versus 87%) it seems like you are heavily biased against the KTS solely because it is made in China. Poor form, sir.

    • Trick

      It’s not bias so much as the timing of the reviews, and testing methodology. At the time this review was done, back in March, we were a new site and not all of our testing procedures had been hammered out yet.

      In any case, we’re not biased against any mod made in China, as any quick glance at our other reviews will tell you. If we have a bias against the KTS, it’s because it’s a cheaply-made, low-quality, very low-performing mod. 87% is pretty pathetic for a mech mod, and the build quality of the KTS is unquestionably shoddy.

      And, seriously, chrome plating is a good thing? I don’t know what you’ve been vaping in your KTS, but we want some.

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