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Published on April 24th, 2013 | by Trick


The Innokin iTaste SVD

The Innokin iTaste SVD Trick

iTaste SVD

Build Quality

Summary: Easy telescoping and good performance make for a mod that will accommodate a wide variety of vaping styles.



User Rating: 3.6 (20 votes)

The Innokin iTaste SVD took its sweet time arriving. Plagued by production delays, vendors and co-op buyers often waited months beyond the SVDs scheduled arrival for their mods, but in recent weeks Innokin has finally started cutting them loose, working through what must have become a heavy backlog to get the PV into buyers’ hands. They had a long time to get it right, but did they?

What’s That Other Tube For?

The Innokin iTaste SVD is a telescoping mod, and can accommodate 18350, 18500 or 18650 batteries, and it also supports the use of dual 18350 batteries. It comes with tubes in two different lengths. Oddly, while the marketing literature for the iTaste SVD says the shorter tube is for an 18350, with the second tube for longer batteries, we found that an 18650 fits just fine with the shorter tube, so we’re not really sure why the longer one is included.


Innokin iTaste SVD

This is a variable voltage and variable wattage device. In variable voltage mode, voltage can be set from 3.0 to 6.0 volts in .1 volt increments, and in variable wattage mode the SVD can be set from 3.0 to 15 watts in .5 watt increments. With the SVD’s three buttons, this is relatively simple: you use the “-” button to decrease voltage or wattage, and the “+” button to increase it. The SVD uses a “press and hold” system, sometimes with multiple buttons, to set various functions such as voltage/wattage mode, access the built-in atomizer resistance meter, and check remaining battery voltage. While we’re getting used to the system with time, we’ve found ourselves referring to the manual quite a bit to figure out which ones to hit for which functions.

The SVD also uses a three-click system to turn the PV on and off, and has a locking function to prevent accidentally changing power settings. A three-digit LED display is used for user output, and the fire button will glow one of three colors when used — green, yellow, or red — to indicate remaining battery power.

Both 510 and eGo-threaded atomizers are supported by the SVD, and the connectors are set into a deep drip well to catch any atomizer leaks.


iTaste SVD with iClear 30

Dive! Dive!

The iTaste SVD certainly has a unique look.  With its brushed stainless steel finish, engraved button labels, large backlit button and a display frame with exposed screws, the SVD looks a bit like something that could have been salvaged from a submarine. While we quite like the look, some may find it a bit busy.

We should probably mention that when we received our test unit, the “+” button was stuck and for a short time we thought we had a dud on our hands. Impatience got the best of us and we tried pressing very hard on the button, and it made an audible snap as it popped back into place, and has  been working fine since.  This stuck “+” button seems to be a common issue with other SVDs in the batch we received, but in our case, at least, it was one that was easily solved.

The Scores

Build Quality: 3.5

The iTaste SVD seems to be solidly-built, though there are a few minor issues common to mods made in China: the threads are a bit grainy, and we had a temporary problem with one of the three buttons. The finish is clean and consistent, and the engraving of the button labels is deep enough that it’s not likely to wear down any time soon.

Looks: 4

We like the look of the SVD, though it’s a bit eclectic. The base has a clean, modern look, the middle section is a bit more retro-sci-fi, and the dimpled top cap is a bit industrial. The looks of the SVD are all over the place, but as an overall look we think it works.

Flexibility: 4

The use of two bottom tubes and limited telescoping functionality allow the use of a wide range of batteries with the SVD, including the option to use a pair of 18350s, and the inclusion of 510 and eGo threading mean the SVD will work with a very wide range of atomizers.  It is, however, like many variable voltage/wattage devices, a bit large. For comparison, the SVD with an 18500 is a millimeter or two longer than a Provari with an 18650. With an 18650, the SVD stands about a half-inch taller than a Vamo with the same battery, which puts it pretty solidly into pretty damned long territory. We were able to use both button-top and flat-top batteries without any problems.

Performance: 4

The range of the iTaste SVD is pretty impressive for a variable device, with its top end of 6 volts or 15 watts. Accuracy was good, if not great, with about a .1 to .3 variance between the mod’s power output and what we’d set it for being fairly typical across the PV’s range. Interestingly, we found the SVD to be somewhat more accurate at the higher range of voltage than at the lower end.

Price: 3

The SVD can be found at retailers for around $100 to $120, though it’s out of stock at most of the places carrying it due to the long wait for its arrival, and stocks were depleted quickly. While this price includes both bottom tubes and a pair of iClear 30 tanks, we expect the price will come down before long. While we like the mod, we’re not sure we like it enough to justify a price quite a bit higher than most of its competition. It should be noted that the iTaste SVD is quite popular with co-ops right now, and may be available for much less — one recent co-op go them for $42 — if you can catch an active co-op, and you’re willing to wait for your SVD to arrive.

Overall Score: 3.7

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About the Author

Patrick (aka Trick) is an avid vaper who has traded an addiction to tobacco for an addiction to new vaping gear. When he’s not writing for Vape Squad, he can most often be found trying to translate the websites of foreign modders, prying the drip spouts out of new juice bottles, or stalking mail carriers.

  • Karmick

    OK here I go again; ya don’t know why the longer tube?; let’s see; simon says put 2x 18350 batteries in using SVD’s short tube; get back to me with the fun you had vaping that way.

    Menu was confusing; are U guys high? The ^&*%&*%^* thing is even inscribed on the PV itself; y’know those symbols right next to the buttons. Sheesh, c’mon guys! It’s the siomplest menu on any PV< hands down. Stay off the weed!Better yet, give it here!

    Price is high huh? 1st; $99 is the universal price for the SVD. CHeck everywhere. NO $120. 2; the PV itself comes in at $65-70, seeing as you get 2x iCLear30's & 3 extra heads. the clearos are 15 bucks each; heads ab 2 bucks each. DO the math; it aint pricey; the only knock could be they make you buy the while kit. I myself didn't mind doing it twice.

    • Trick

      So, just for fun, I popped a couple 18350’s in with the short tube. Was something horrible supposed to happen? They fit just fine.

      Not all of us have eagle eyes… is there a mark on there that tells you how to unlock the SVD when it locks itself? How to check the atomizer resistance? All the other stuff that involves “press and hold this button and that other button for 5 seconds to do one thing, and 10 seconds to do something else?” If there is, the writing must be awfully small, ‘cuz I sure don’t see it. And, like I mentioned, we’re getting used to it over time, but to try to claim everything’s right there in plain sight is… well, a bit of an overstatement. It’s far from the simplest interface out there.

      And it is priced higher than a lot of other VW mods. Quite a bit higher than some, and some retailers were selling it for $120 at the time this was written. We don’t just make this stuff up. There’s research and stuff involved. Though, just as we said, prices are coming down a bit already. We found at least one place that’s selling them for $89.99 now. That’s still higher than most other VW mods, and yes, it is a kit… but when that’s the only way to get the mod, particularly when you’re not a fan of the iClear 30 and would rather not have to buy them, that’s the price of the mod.

      Anyway, you act like we just trashed this thing, when we actually rated it very highly. It’s a great mod. It’s not the second coming of Christ or anything, but it’s a really good mod.

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  • 8th

    Not gonna spam here, but i see the biggest problem with the mod is the price, but there is a website (not going to name) which you can find through different forums or google, that sells the mod for under 40$. If the mod was under 40$ would it not get an even higher rating/?

    • Trick

      It definitely would, and we did expect the price to come down shortly after release. We get a lot of use out of our SVDs — it’s a very good mod. We just weren’t impressed by the high price and and the lack of a mod-only option at the time the review was written.

      However, we’re not quite ready to bump it up just yet, as it still seems to be around $99 most places. Shops like FastTech definitely have it much cheaper, a lot of people may not want to deal with an offshore company and the potential hassles that come with it.

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  • ghost

    yup i know what website your referring to and believe me yes its cheap, i got one from them and whatever you all describe how good it is YES!!! it performs stellar specially with wattage!!!

  • ghost

    lol trick dont get me wrong if you cannot read the writing then your blind as a bat…its all there very self explanatory…

  • Matthew Gibbens

    I just picked one of these up from a local vape shop for about 55 bucks and have been using it for about a month with a Kanger 2 pro tank. So far, my only complaint is the threading for the tubes seems a bit on the rough side. Performance it great.

  • JunkMountain

    I have such a hard time unlocking it. Anyone got any tips? When I do get it to unlock it to change settings it’s totally random. I’ve no clue how I did it. Instructions are awful.

    • mizz

      watch a youtube video on it. its actually very easy once you get the hang of it. hold both small buttons together to unlock/lock it. gotta hold them about 5-7 sec.

  • shakze

    Any ideas I put my tank on my svd and it fires Ok but when I test the ohms it comes up with non and when I got to change the watts it don’t do nothing even when it’s unlocked please shine some light on it please

  • andy3499

    I wAnt an atomizer for my svd mod what can I buy that will work

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