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Published on May 5th, 2013 | by Trick


Tobeco Mini Cobra

Tobeco Mini Cobra Trick

Tobeco Mini Cobra

Build Quality

Summary: Though sometimes frustratingly small, particularly on the inside, the performance of the Mini Cobra is on par with full-size atomizers.



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Sometimes it can be difficult to judge made-in-China gear from the name. Take the Tobeco Mini Cobra, for example. While it does have a few features in common with its larger cousin, frequently referred to as the “Chobra,” the larger of the two atomizers is a replica, at least at a cosmetic level, of the Cobra Genesis atomizer made by Siam Mods. On the other hand, other than being a Genesis atomizer, the Cobra Mini has little in common with the larger model, and bears almost no resemblance at all to the Siam Mods Cobra.

With a diameter just a little shy of 19mm, at least the “mini” part of the name is accurate. The small size makes it a good fit for slant-top mods; our photo above shows the Mini Cobra on top of an Anyvape CVI. The 2.5ml polycarbonate tank is encased in a stainless steel, windowed shell, giving it a passing resemblance to a stubby version of the Croatian Genesis Line atomizer by Van.


Our Mini Cobra after about a half tank

The Mini Cobra is not an easy atomizer to work with. The atomizer is small, the screws are small, the nuts on the center post are small, the wick and fill holes are small…  everything is small. The Mini Cobra comes with a hex wrench for the tiny screws in the fill and ground holes, and be sure to be careful with those screws. Drop one on carpet and you’ll probably never see it again.

Getting everything hooked up and operational can be a real challenge for anyone with hands larger than a five-year-old’s, and you will need a syringe or similar device to fill it. We typically use one with an 18-gauge needle and it just barely makes it through the hole into the tank. Thankfully, the Mini-Cobra comes with a stainless steel wick pre-installed and coiled; ours measured 1.5 amps and had no major hot spots. The Mini Cobra performed surprisingly well out of the box, producing large amounts of vapor with very good flavor, though a fair amount of tilting was required to keep the wick damp, as is common with new wicks on Genesis atomizers.

We can’t say we’re thrilled with the looks of the Mini Cobra. While the windowed tank is an interesting, unusual look, the cut-outs in the tank cover accentuate just how thin and insubstantial the metal is, and the knurling at the bottom and top of the tank are unnecessary and break the otherwise sleek lines of the atomizer.

The Mini Cobra comes in a black, foam-lined gift box with a gold “Cobra” logo on top, along with a hex wrench, a stainless steel wick, and barely enough wire for a single coil. A second wick and wire are pre-installed, as mentioned previously, and the delrin drip tip pictured is also included.

We’ve found the Mini Cobra selling at retailers for around $20 to $25, in line with similar low-cost Genesis atomizers like the AGA-T. We purchased ours in an ECF co-op for about $15.

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