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Published on September 11th, 2013 | by Trick


Top NY Eateries Mixed on Vaping Policies

Bloomberg Businessweek asks the management of twenty New York restaurants whether or not they allow vaping. Responses range from very permissive to flat-out prohibitive.

“I’m happy to have them. Nothing is worse than our kitchen having to hold/replate/refire an order because a guest decided to step out for a puff between courses. God forbid the guest smokes American Spirits, as that can be a 10-minute ordeal. My only gripe is that the lights on them are very tacky-looking. They look like a prop I would’ve had in my raver days.”
—Justin Warner, Do or Dine

It’s an interesting cross-section of vaping policies. Justin Warner, chef and owner of Do or Dine, for example, says he’s “glad to have them.” At the other end of the scale is Gabriel Stulman of Perla, Montmartre and Fedora, who says vaping is “a distraction and intrusive, no different than if someone were playing music from their iPhone on the speaker function.”

It seems many restaurants just aren’t encountering vapers enough to have a policy yet, and are handling things on a case by case basis. Drew Nieporent of Nobu, Nobu 57 and Tribeca Grill, for example, says that “if someone were to complain, we’d ask them not to smoke.”

E-Cigarettes at Dinner? No Problem at These Top Smoke-Free Restaurants – Businessweek.

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