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Published on January 8th, 2014 | by The Cat


Vaperite: Cinful Pear

Juice: Cinful Pear

Vendor/Maker: Vaperite – https://www.vaperite.com/

Info: 50/50 PG/VG – 12mg nic

Pricing: $10 for 18mL (.55/mL)

New year, and a new favorite to add to the top drawer of juices.  Hope all our vaper friends had a pleasant holiday and new year.  During my return to Atlanta this past week, I received a bottle of Cinful Pear from a buddy at Vaperite.  I was told that it’s “Simple, and tasty.”  I’d have to agree, as this combination of cinnamon and pear is just that.

Starting off, the initial inhale carries a bulk of the cinnamon flavor, and is medium-bodied.  Cinnamon juices can be very hit or miss, and I’ve had some cinnamon juices previously that are entirely too over/under powered, and can really turn  me away from what would potentially be a great vape.  Not the case here at all, as this cinnamon is mildly sweet, and carries a great deal of flavor, while still retaining a true to life “real” taste.  The pear aspect makes a nice take over, and the flavor really kicks in just after inhaling.  The pear itself is equally delicious, and dead-on to its fruit counterpart.  The exhale of Cinful Pear has left me with an almost mouthwatering aftertaste.  There is a nice, subtle cinnamon flavor underlying the pear on exhale, and leaves a phenomenal aftertaste that has me chain vaping at points during the day.Cinful Pear Bottle

Cinful Pear is still fairly new, and I’ve gotten through about a week of steeping.  Coloration has darkened slightly, going from a lighter to light-medium yellow.  Juice is about the same thickness, and I don’t intend for it to thicken up too considerably since I received a 50/50 PG/VG mix.

I was a bit apprehensive about using Cinful Pear in anything plastic, but have had no issues so far.  In fact, I’ve actually been very impressed with the X.Jet Spider tank.  Even though this tank doesn’t hold a great deal of juice, it has performed considerably well.  I’ve been getting some decent clouds on my SVD, at 4 volts and 3 ohms resistance.

This is a new juice from Vaperite, and a pleasure to vape.   Give this one a try for something simple, but different, and full of flavor.

–I added a few drops of menthol after writing, and it’s made for a nice addition to the cinnamon, if you’re a fan of menthol its worth a try—




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