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Published on July 18th, 2013 | by Trick


Vaping Behind Bars in Putnam County, TN

David Andrews, Sheriff of Putnam County, Tennessee, has started a program to provide the inmates of Putnam County Jail with electronic cigarettes.

“We know what they look like when we sell them to the inmates and they are required to look that way when we get them back or they don’t get them anymore.”

-Sheriff David Andrews

Andrews says the program is a way to bring in revenue for the county, as well as to “cut down on irritability with the inmates.” According to a poll Andrews performed with inmates entering the jail five years ago, 80% of them were tobacco users when their sentences began.

Andrews says that providing his inmates nicotine via electronic cigarettes has not only cut down on inmate irritability,  but has also reduced the number of incidents that need to be handled by corrections officers in addition to lowering the facility’s medical bills.

Andrews is pleased with the program. “We decided to try it and it has worked out pretty good so far.”

Herald Citizen| Electronic cigarettes available to Putnam inmates.

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